Bidding at the 2020 Chairman's Sale

The 2020 Chairman's Sale will be conducted as a Virtual Sale on the 8th of May, with no horses at the Riverside complex. The bidding portal will be accessible through the homepage.

Step 1 - Register

If you are new to online bidding or Inglis Digital Online Auctions you will need to register here

Step 2 - Request Bidding Approval

You will need to request bidding approval in order to participate in the auction. You can do this by logging in and then clicking request bidding approval and complete the form to request approval.

Step 3 - Bid

There will be a link to the online bidding page on the homepage

Forgot password

Existing Bidders - If you have registered previously but have forgotten your Bidder ID or password you can have it sent to you here

Find out more about online bidding here

Appointment of agent form available here

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