Media Facilities

During the 2015 Inglis Australian Easter Yearling Sale results, updates, withdrawals and other statistical information will be made available regularly to media representatives.

For press not in attendance there will be video and live streaming sales results and media releases available at

The first two days will also be broadcast on 7TWO.

Comprehensive coverage of the sale will also be shown on Sky Racing including
• Big sports breakfast with Terry Kennedy & Michael Stater live.
• Live sale coverage in between race meetings.
• Live broadcasting by Andrew Bensley and Caroline Searcy.
• A preview show and wrap shows will be broadcast before and after the sale.

A constantly updated results service will be in operation throughout the sale along with relevant information being made available. The website's results and statistics will be updated every 30 seconds. Go to and click on the Easter sales page.

There will be wireless internet, lockers and refreshments available to accredited media in a facility located in the front room of the Newmarket House. Access is via the front veranda adjacent to the circular garden bed at the main entrance.

If you are travelling for the sale and are booking accommodation Inglis has an official travel agent, Plan B Travel. All rates are subject to availability and change. Please be sure to mention Inglis when making your reservation to secure the advertised rate.

Plan B Travel
Bill Clohesy / Narelle Winchester
+61 (0) 3 8598 0641

If there are any specific requirements or information that you might need, please contact:

Peter Twomey - Business Development & Communications Manager
T: 02 9399 7999 | M: 0408 603 967

Amy Clunes - Communications Coordinator
T: 02 9399 7999
We're here to assist you, so let us know if we can help.