2011 August Thoroughbred Sale
18, 19 August 2011

113 Withdrawn Lots - last withdrawal at 11:50 pm, 19th Aug 2011.
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Lot Col Media Sex Name Sire Dam On Account Of
23 B Filly(+) Domino Effect Chief's Crown (USA) Early Song (GB) Yarran, Northwood
24 Ch Filly(+) Goodehere Dehere (USA) Pegwood (IRE) Cherokee Rose Stud, Lancefield
25 B Filly(+) Reading Counts Fuji Kiseki (JPN) Rose in Flight Cherokee Rose Stud, Lancefield
26 B Filly(+) Fluffies Reef Rory's Jester High Wave (NZ) Cherokee Rose Stud, Lancefield
53 B Filly(+) Ropes of Time (IRE) Sadler's Wells (USA) Twine (IRE) Ultra Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
64 B Filly(+) Tortola West Point Indian Spice Ealing Park, Euroa
82 Ch Filly(+) Needle Inahaystack (NZ) Pins Lucerne (NZ) Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
83 B Filly(+) Paloma Bella Golden Snake (USA) Ton of Fun Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
89 G Filly(+) Flashdanza Danzero Silver Court Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
92 B Filly(+) Manele Bay Encosta de Lago Traffic Watch Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
93 Ch Filly(+) Thunderousapplause Thunder Gulch (USA) Star Plume Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
94 B Filly(+) Zandra Last Tycoon (IRE) Excitant Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
101 B Filly(+) Did You Call Falvelon Broann Eliza Park, Kerrie
102 B Filly Blueberry Field Zabeel (NZ) Night Sky Eliza Park, Kerrie
125 Ch Filly(+) Sophia Town (NZ) Johannesburg (USA) Della Mimosa (NZ) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
126 B Filly(+) Southern Tip Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Opera Etoile (IRE) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
129 Br Filly(+) Top Saint St Jude Top Up (NZ) Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
132 B Colt Kempinsky Danehill (USA) Tristalove (NZ) Newlands Thoroughbreds Pty. Ltd., Melbourne
147 B Colt Giacosa Hidden Honey Oz Bloodstock, Rosebud
148 Ch Filly Giacosa Bassie's Pride Oz Bloodstock, Rosebud
161 B Filly Giacosa Our Gal Sal Oz Bloodstock, Rosebud
163 B Filly Good Journey (USA) Pointed Northern Lodge Stud, Eden Park
165 Br Filly Econsul (NZ) Took a Chance Lauriston Park, Creightons Creek
173 Ch Filly Livia Galileo (IRE) Flying Spice Ealing Park, Euroa
183 Ch Filly Love My World Spinning World (USA) Beymatilla Owners
185 B Filly Cappy Arena Capricious Lady Rosemont Stud, Ceres
186 B Filly Underwriter Tale of the Cat (USA) Paris in the Fall (IRE) Rosemont Stud, Ceres
191 B Filly Reallen Real Jester Aliana Owners
202 B Filly Rampling Reset Luminary Owners
203 B Filly Pegasina Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Flying Dansino (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
207 Br Filly Portion Written Tycoon Princess Baxaar Owners
211 B Filly Star Distraction Danewin Luanda Star Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
214 B/Br Filly Keltara Exceed and Excel Lady Knockout Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock Pty, Ballan
217 B Filly Podsnap Elusive Quality (USA) Kazakh Belle Owners
219 Ch Filly Marmottan Seasofar Oz Bloodstock, Rosebud
221 Br Filly Acadian Danerich Abu Zaby (NZ) Oz Bloodstock, Rosebud
223 B Filly Suetonius Marmottan Seasofar Oz Bloodstock, Rosebud
225 B Filly Excellent Vintage Exceed and Excel Vintage Dance Owners
226 B Filly Doubt She's Single Not a Single Doubt Tharp (USA) Owners
234 G Filly Skaters Dream Bradbury's Luck Shreds Owners
236 G Filly Quicksilver Lass Testa Rossa Fullazz Owners
246 Ch Filly Asti Spumanti Canny Lad Sparkling Truce Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
247 B Filly Ice Diva Bradbury's Luck Miss Centastage Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
248 B Filly River of Dreams Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Our Yangtze River (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
249 Ch Filly Artistic Glory Royal Academy (USA) Final Glory Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
250 B Filly O'Dehere Me (NZ) Dehere (USA) Asterie (GB) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
251 B Filly God Jul God's Own Macedon Dancer Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
252 B Filly Exceed Us Exceed and Excel Fuss Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
253 Br Filly Undoubtedly Homeland Sheila Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
254 B Filly Ne Coupez Pas (USA) Up Over Girl Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
260 B Filly Bellantina Bel Esprit Laurentina Owners
261 B Filly One Moment Barely a Moment Laurentina Owners
262 B Filly Houlgate (NZ) Stravinsky (USA) Trouville Grange Thoroughbreds, Arcadia
263 Ch Filly Mists of Avalon Flying Spur Lake Susannah Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne (Reduction Sale)
266 B Filly Heavenly Wonder God's Own Tonicity Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne (Reduction Sale)
267 B Filly Madam Redoute Redoute's Choice Madam of the Manor (NZ) Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne (Reduction Sale)
268 Ch Filly Military Band General Nediym Musical Tones (USA) GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne
270 B Filly Lago Ovation Encosta de Lago Rekindled Applause (GB) GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne
274 Ch Filly Boredom Ad Valorem (USA) Insouciance Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW
276 Ch Filly Dedication Singspiel (IRE) Song of Success (USA) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW
277 B Filly Remotely Manton Lee's Bid (NZ) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW
281 B/Br Filly Democrat Octagonal (NZ) Dixiegem Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW
282 B Filly Elsewhere Lonhro Hosiery Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW
291 B Gelding Kukri Commands Zacheline (NZ) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW
301 B Gelding Alter Ego Dubai Destination (USA) Franjelica Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne (Reduction Sale)
305 B Gelding Chief Escort General Nediym Palace Glow Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne (Reduction Sale)
309 Ch Gelding Agrippa Flying Spur Talista (NZ) GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne
310 B Gelding Clearway Redoute's Choice Maze (NZ) GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne
314 B Gelding Bongiorno Flying Spur Fulton (NZ) GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne
315 B Gelding Bologna Galileo (IRE) Favorite Spice Ealing Park, Euroa
317 B Gelding Razon de Jeu Jeune (GB) Razonda Ealing Park, Euroa
318 B/Br Gelding Triumphant Lonhro Cannarelle Owners
323 B/Br Gelding Big Friendly Giant Al Samer Seaorama Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip
325 Ch Gelding Rogue Force Oamaru Force Kay Rouge Owners
326 B Gelding Barely an Angel Barely a Moment Angel Blue BAM Racing, Euroa
339 B Gelding Goadel Delago Brom Our Charisse (NZ) Owners
340 B Gelding Encosta Delight Lago Delight Imshi Owners
341 Ch Gelding Buffett (NZ) Danasinga Flowers (NZ) Owners
348 Ch Gelding Bell Trees Exceed and Excel Country Lodge Eliza Park, Kerrie
349 B Gelding Cosmocrat Al Maher Cosmic Beam Eliza Park, Kerrie
350 B Gelding Get Out of Town Hussonet (USA) Summer Flight (IRE) Eliza Park, Kerrie
351 B/Br Colt Eclipsable Bel Esprit Tennessee Moon Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
352 B Gelding French Royale Royal Academy (USA) Paris Sweep Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
353 B Gelding Star of Elves Elvstroem Canny Star Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
354 B Gelding Giello Niello Glow Baby Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
355 Ch Gelding Overtly Over Papier Mache (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
356 B Gelding Rock to Riches Fastnet Rock Windfall Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
357 Br Gelding Prince Of Darkness (NZ) Savabeel Centoration (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
358 B Gelding Burning Skies Flying Spur Burning Sands Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
359 B Colt Cafe Noir Bel Esprit Maimuna Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
360 B Gelding Beltonic Bel Esprit Carbonated Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
361 B Colt Pincent (NZ) Pins Starcent (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
362 B Colt Snitzel Shine Bridge (ARG) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
367 Br Gelding Our Gold Bullion (NZ) Pentire (GB) Golden Dawn (NZ) Owners
369 B/Br Gelding Electronic Bee (NZ) Savabeel Florinda (NZ) Owners
373 B Colt Ngorano Anabaa (USA) Ndereba Network Bloodstock, Ascot Vale
374 B Gelding Mendez Charge Forward Espina Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
395 B Filly Dash for Cash Blue Eye Owners
396 Ch Filly Rajkat Keltrice Lady Undercharge Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
400 Ch Filly Bowchickawowow Street Cry (IRE) Genalta Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
407 B/Br Filly Starvinsky Stravinsky (USA) Spiralling (NZ) Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock Pty, Ballan
411 B/Br Filly Mystic Jewel (NZ) Johar (USA) Go Norn (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
414 B Filly Arthine Elvstroem So Shapely Owners
415 B Filly Taleofthecentury Tale of the Cat (USA) Centennial (NZ) Owners
417 B/Br Filly Marvellous Miss Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) Wishing Star (GB) Owners
418 Ch Gelding Veloce Rosso Bianconi (USA) Brittany Miss Owners
419 Br Gelding Baltic Spirit Bel Esprit Curvaceous Miss Owners
421 Br Gelding Royal Grace Royal Academy (USA) Crazy Grace Owners
423 B/Br Gelding Fingers of God God's Own Shiny Mai Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock Pty, Ballan
425 B Gelding Tortured Refuse to Bend (IRE) Snasta Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock Pty, Ballan
438 B Gelding Soaring Dragon Flying Spur Kooroora Blue Owners
440 B Colt Al Maher Street Music Owners (To dissolve a partnership)
441 B Gelding Laudit Bel Esprit Acclaim (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership)