2015 December Thoroughbred Sale
11 December 2015

Lot Col Media Sex Name Sire Dam On Account Of Purchaser Purchaser Location Price
1 Ch Mare Flashing Niello Sweet and Gentle G. Bostock, Bendigo W Elder VIC $800
2 B Mare(+) Nuclear Reign Reset Nuclear Free Meadow Farm, Bayles Passed $750
Reserve $1,000
3 B Mare(+) Bellara Mujahid (USA) Red Famida Meadow Farm, Bayles Passed $400
Reserve $500
4 Br Mare Miss Unirad Excites Masabanda Stogursey, Kerrie Passed $400
Reserve $500
W B Mare Sierra Pelona Redoute's Choice Princess Pelona (USA) P. Jurkovsky, Melbourne Withdrawn
6 B Mare Speedastro Astronomer Royal (USA) Expediency Sirron Enterprises, Nagambie Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $2,000
7 B Mare(+) Darney Gub Written Tycoon Delightville C. & S. Bennett, Sunbury Rod Symons Racing VIC $2,100
8 B Mare Wonderville Grass Wonder (USA) Delightville C. & S. Bennett, Sunbury J Cimbaljevic VIC $500
9 Ch Mare Write the Cheque Written Tycoon Hot Kingdom C. & S. Bennett, Sunbury Rod Symons Racing VIC $600
10 Gr Mare Agony Royal Academy (USA) Shark Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Kelly Purdy Racing QLD $17,000
11 B Mare Titanic Jill Flying Spur Gold Tunic (USA) Barree Pastoral Co., Doncaster East Inglis As Agent VIC $500
12 B Mare Star Hunter Henrythenavigator (USA) Ponton Flyer Barree Pastoral Co., Doncaster East Passed $42,000
Reserve $50,000
13 B/Br Mare(+) Chloestar Denon (USA) Classy Miss Basinghall Farm, Nagambie Inglis As Agent VIC $2,500
W Ch Mare Gold Magic Magic Albert Gipaldi Rangal Park Stud, Euroa Withdrawn
15 Ch Mare(+) Husson Circle Hussonet (USA) Fairy Circle (USA) Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley Passed $12,000
Reserve $15,000
16 Ch Mare Christmas Joy Perugino (USA) Cold as Christmas Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley Watgania Pastoral Co Pty Ltd VIC $2,400
17 Ch Mare(+) Lifetime Churchill Downs In My Time (NZ) Wyndholm Park, Ballarat A Francis VIC $5,000
18 Ch Mare(+) Consciousness (GB) Pivotal (GB) Sacred Song (USA) Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Inglis As Agent NSW $5,000
19 B Mare(+) Sea Pictures Nadeem Scenes Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie S Davis VIC $13,000
20 B Mare(+) Sauv Blanc Babe (NZ) Don Eduardo (NZ) Beach Dance (NZ) Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Passed $8,000
Reserve $15,000
21 Gr Mare Savanna Pride Lion Hunter Soaring Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie I McKinnon VIC $1,200
22 B Mare(+) Martindale Hall Lonhro Romantic Flyer Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Manx Park VIC $30,000
23 B Mare(+) Specialty (NZ) Ustinov Gem's Box (NZ) Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Passed $4,500
Reserve $5,000
24 Br Mare Flying Hostess Host (CHI) Ardent Command Forest Lodge Racing, Miners Rest N Agent VIC $11,000
25 Ch Mare Bahar Belle Elvstroem Corton Charlemagne Oakford Thoroughbred Farm, Maldon C Templeton VIC $4,750
26 Br Mare(+) Queen Tea Tayasu Tsuyoshi (JPN) Queen Bellotto Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Inglis As Agent VIC $900
27 B Mare(+) Bungled Mossman Araxa Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Ellendale Farm SA $800
28 B Mare(+) Harmony Heights Forest Glow (USA) Tristy Heights (NZ) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Passed $700
Reserve $1,000
29 B Mare(+) Wingspan Flying Spur Luna Moth (USA) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW J Markovic VIC $800
30 B Mare(+) Capitalism Royal Academy (USA) World Party Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Inglis As Agent TAS $800
31 B Mare(+) Korazanna Shaft Dame Clay (NZ) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW A Francis VIC $1,000
32 B Mare(+) Esprit de Vel Bel Esprit Past the Skies Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Inglis As Agent VIC $800
33 B Mare(+) Eye See Sea Road Glen Bethany Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Passed $400
Reserve $500
34 B Mare(+) Wit Beyond Measure Spinning World (USA) Parada (USA) Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa Inglis As Agent NSW $7,000
35 B Filly(+) Honey Macushla Authorized (IRE) Sophielicious Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa T Barrett VIC $5,250
36 B/Br Filly Denman Tortipaw Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa F Stockdale VIC $4,500
37 Ch Filly Street Boss (USA) Interna Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa P Courtney ACT $4,000
38 B/Br Filly Stryker Abergal A. Ottobre, Lower Plenty P & T Templeton VIC $1,800
39 Ch Filly Reward for Effort Le Wafre A. Ottobre, Lower Plenty Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $5,500
40 B/Br Colt Onemorenomore Elle Duccio A. Ottobre, Lower Plenty P Courtney ACT $4,500
41 Ch Filly Star Witness Miss Ethics (SAF) Golden Grove, Denman, NSW B Wynen NSW $5,000
42 B Colt Sharkbite Delmacy Owners P Courtney ACT $1,000
43 B Colt Host (CHI) Dylan's Guest Ken King Thoroughbreds, Euroa M Ashby VIC $1,600
44 B Colt Amadeus Wolf (GB) Kiss Me Again Ken King Thoroughbreds, Euroa S Mathrick VIC $2,000
45 Ch Colt Redente Ustinov's Memories Owners (To dissolve a partnership) K Jones QLD $1,800
46 Ch Colt Stryker Olimpica Owners (To dissolve a partnership) A Sheehan VIC $16,500
47 Br/Blk Colt Smokey Blue Authorized (IRE) Nimue Moon Andromeda Thoroughbreds, Somersby, NSW Inglis As Agent NSW $2,600
48 B Filly Moshe White Amber Andromeda Thoroughbreds, Somersby, NSW Inglis As Agent VIC $10,000
49 Ch Mare Miss Insomnia Northern Meteor Colonial Lass J. Batchelor, Sorrento Wilde Racing Pty Ltd VIC $2,500
50 B Mare Moon Symbol Northern Meteor Info Miss Owners Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $9,000
W Br Mare Conwell Desert King (IRE) Roadhouse Blues Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Withdrawn
W Ch Filly Blaze of Glory Keep the Faith Tottenham Girl Rick Smith Bloodstock, Red Hill South Withdrawn
53 B/Br Mare Amanzi Turffontein Ocoee Galadi Holdings Pty Ltd, St Arnaud M Mulholland NSW $4,500
54 B Mare Svalbard Domesday Polar Galadi Holdings Pty Ltd, St Arnaud C Davis VIC $5,000
55 B/Br Filly Miss Youessay All American Superleggera Owners Terry Evans Racing NSW $4,800
W B Mare Hussy Rockstar Husson (ARG) Rock to Rock Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Withdrawn
57 B/Br Mare Treasure Peace War Pass (USA) Dantibes' Treasure Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Passed $5,500
Reserve $6,000
W B Mare O'Mimic Mossman O'Marie (NZ) Owners Withdrawn
W B Mare Absolutely Famous Not a Single Doubt Star Acclaimed Owners Withdrawn
60 B Mare Kentucky Gem Churchill Downs Little Miss Ruby Owners N Roe VIC $2,000
W Ch Mare Rock Away Elvstroem Rhythm and Light Owners Withdrawn
62 B Mare Wolfitdown Amadeus Wolf (GB) Get Down C. Deighton, Melbourne P Courtney ACT $1,250
63 Ch Mare Hospeda Host (CHI) Play Mizzty for Me (CAN) Owners M Matthews VIC $17,000
W B Mare Our Little Miracle Northern Meteor Schuckmannsburg Owners Withdrawn
W B Mare Bush Pilot Henrythenavigator (USA) Bush Honey Owners Withdrawn
66 B Mare Lola Lu Domesday Half Eight B.M. & M.M. Griffiths, Seymour Mathew Brown Racing VIC $22,000
67 B Mare Balmain Lass Haradasun Jazz Baby (NZ) Palya Bloodstock, Melbourne C Swadling NSW $6,000
68 B Mare Savitskaya Von Costa de Hero Stellar Kingston Owners J Scott VIC $17,000
69 Ch Mare Exclusive Intel Strategic Secret Scoop Oakford Thoroughbred Farm, Maldon P Courtney ACT $800
70 Br Mare Silent Interest Clangalang Zero Interest Ken King Thoroughbreds, Euroa Inglis As Agent VIC $6,000
W B Mare Sense in the City Street Sense (USA) Sandy City (IRE) Epsom Lodge, Mornington Withdrawn
W B Mare Day Two Miss Turffontein Porschalaine Forest Lodge Racing, Miners Rest Withdrawn
73 B Filly My Jewel Equiano (FR) Coversinga (NZ) Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Jane Lee Park VIC $1,500
74 Ch Filly Ring of Heaven Sebring Heavenly Wonder Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne N Roe VIC $1,700
75 B Filly Cuckoo Street Cry (IRE) Fantail (USA) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW H Wallace-Smith VIC $4,000
76 B Mare Girouette Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Astronomia (NZ) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $10,000
77 B Gelding Adage Exceed and Excel Ouachita Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW G Clarke NT $14,000
78 B Gelding Adirondack Lonhro Up State (GB) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW S Mathrick VIC $16,000
W B Gelding Bantam Exceed and Excel Rinky Dink Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Withdrawn
80 B Gelding Chamarel Exceed and Excel Colour Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $75,000
81 B/Br Gelding Chenonceau Bernardini (USA) Chateaux Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW P Courtney ACT $5,000
82 Br Gelding Concentrate Lonhro Firm Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Realrosy Pty Ltd NSW $34,000
W B Gelding Eschiele Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Upper Echelon Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Withdrawn
84 B Gelding Interlock Bernardini (USA) Picture Puzzle (USA) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW C Kelly VIC $10,000
85 B Gelding Invitations Street Cry (IRE) Come Hither Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Inglis As Agent NSW $22,000
86 Br Gelding Mitigate Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Segolene Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Inglis As Agent NT $12,000
87 B Gelding Molasses Ad Valorem (USA) Rum Cruise Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW D Kotel NSW $2,000
88 Ch Gelding Molineux New Approach (IRE) Rose of Danehill Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Inglis As Agent NSW $22,000
89 B Gelding Salt Flat Street Cry (IRE) Sabkha (USA) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW KRD Racing VIC $11,000
90 Br Gelding Sparsholt Street Cry (IRE) High School (GB) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW A Parker VIC $17,000
91 B Gelding Times Past Bernardini (USA) Yesterday Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW K Huxtable SA $32,000
92 B Gelding Weave Hard Spun (USA) Alberghetti (NZ) Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW A Yates VIC $20,000
93 B Gelding Zugzwang Ad Valorem (USA) Dilemmas Darley, Hunter Valley, NSW Three Minute Lodge NSW $1,500
94 Br/Blk Gelding Long View Domesday Lady Marilyn Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne D & H Frusher SA $1,600
95 B Gelding Tides of Fortune Hard Spun (USA) Miss Jugah Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne L & N Jarvis NSW $7,500
96 B Gelding Pythagorean (GB) Oasis Dream (GB) Hypoteneuse (IRE) Owners Aquis Farm QLD $10,500
97 B Gelding Radioactive Equiano (FR) Mesh Owners G Unger VIC $3,600
W Ch Gelding Junoob (GB) Haafhd (GB) Faydah (USA) Owners Withdrawn
99 B/Br Gelding Braidley (IRE) Dylan Thomas (IRE) All Our Hope (USA) Owners Inglis As Agent SA $26,000
100 Br/Blk Gelding Eye Contact (GB) Dansili (GB) Modern Look (GB) Owners Mathew Brown Racing VIC $34,000
101 B Gelding Hilarious Honour (NZ) Henrythenavigator (USA) Raise the Play (NZ) Owners Inglis As Agent QLD $24,000
102 Ch Gelding Flinders Quest Good Journey (USA) Seasons Joy Owners D Curran VIC $2,000
W B Colt Chivalry Street Cry (IRE) World Peace Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Withdrawn
W B Gelding Monte Carlo (IRE) Montjeu (IRE) Catherine Linton (IRE) Owners Withdrawn
105 Ch Gelding Well Being New Approach (IRE) Lajoie Owners C Kelly VIC $5,000
W B/Br Colt Rosie's Dude Magnus Rose Syrah Owners Withdrawn
107 Ch Gelding Mr Humphries Star Witness Shoptalk Owners K Turner NSW $8,500
W B Gelding Fast Fella Fastnet Rock Fabella Owners Withdrawn
109 B Gelding King Rian Reaan Just Pete William Inglis & Son Ltd., Melbourne (Reposession) N Godbolt NSW $8,000
110 B Gelding Mr Jazz King of Prussia Let's Remember Owners E Musgrove VIC $35,000
111 B Gelding Tatamagouche Foreplay Chokkie Owners J Manning NT $13,000
112 B/Br Gelding Accord Dubawi (IRE) Fairy Bride (USA) Owners Equine International NSW $3,500
113 B Gelding The Golden Pig Bernardini (USA) Piglet's Gold Owners I Skinner VIC $5,500
114 B Gelding Cadel Triomphe (NZ) Keeper Libra Belle (NZ) Surf Coast Racing, Torquay Ellerton Zahra Racing VIC $9,000
115 B Gelding Smart Beauty (IRE) Marju (IRE) Madrid Beauty (FR) Eliza Park International, Kerrie R Gillahan VIC $1,000
116 B/Br Gelding Sun Holiday High Chaparral (IRE) Villa Moura (NZ) Eliza Park International, Kerrie Inglis As Agent QLD $16,000
117 B Colt Snitzel Mary Lavelle (NZ) Eliza Park International, Kerrie P Courtney ACT $3,000
118 Ch Gelding Cosentino (NZ) Choisir Vega Sicilia (NZ) Owners Inglis As Agent VIC $4,000
W B Gelding Veloce Rock Fastnet Rock Exceedingly Happy Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Withdrawn
120 Ch Colt Imperial Attitude New Approach (IRE) Crown Ruby Galadi Holdings Pty Ltd, St Arnaud B Stockdale VIC $14,000
121 Ch Gelding Red Corner Haradasun Red Royalty Galadi Holdings Pty Ltd, St Arnaud C Davis VIC $5,500
122 Ch Colt Moshe Alpinia Andromeda Thoroughbreds, Somersby, NSW B & G Hand VIC $3,500
123 B Colt Econsul (NZ) Miss Ishiguru Andromeda Thoroughbreds, Somersby, NSW C Templeton VIC $1,000
W Br Gelding Ziza Spirit Denman Soul Diva Tony Noonan Racing, Melbourne Withdrawn
W Ch Gelding Pinyarda Pins Royal Sonata Owners Withdrawn
126 B/Br Gelding Majestic Artie Artie Schiller (USA) Jude's Angel Owners Ellerton Zahra Racing VIC $5,000
127 B/Br Gelding Jimmy Royale Encosta de Lago Laureldean Dream (USA) Owners Gordon Richards Racing SA $8,000
128 B Gelding Second Base Foreplay Choilaine Owners P Cole NT $9,000
129 B Gelding Media Savvy Equiano (FR) Cape Augusta (USA) Owners Malua Racing VIC $5,000
W Ch Gelding Countryman Royal Academy (USA) Lady Peony Botsky Syndicate, Leederville, WA Withdrawn
131 B Gelding Docking Astronomer Royal (USA) Spoilt for Choice M. Carlile, Wangaratta G Clarke NT $18,000
132 B Gelding Celestial Sky Churchill Downs Celestial Show M. Carlile, Wangaratta P Bow VIC $4,000
W B Gelding Lyrical Son Dylan Thomas (IRE) Kings Concubine Palya Bloodstock, Melbourne Withdrawn
W Ch Colt Raheeb Can't be Caught Palya Bloodstock, Melbourne Withdrawn
W B Gelding Memory of Time Snitzel Quality Time Noorilim Park Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Withdrawn
W Br Gelding Coppola High Chaparral (IRE) Copita (NZ) Noorilim Park Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Withdrawn
137 B Gelding Al Ragno Al Samer Fantastic Times Lesslie Lodge, Tyabb C A Balfour VIC $4,500
138 Ch Gelding Howdee Exceed and Excel Lanadee G. Price, Melbourne Sheamus Mills Bloodstock VIC $16,000
W B Gelding Royal Abbey Bon Hoffa Crimson Abbey Ken King Thoroughbreds, Euroa Withdrawn
140 B Gelding Costa de Hero Von Costa de Hero Stimulation Ken King Thoroughbreds, Euroa C J Cassar Racing Stables VIC $4,000
141 B Mare Jest Dreamin' Rory's Jester Paringa Road Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Wendy Kelly Racing VIC $3,500
142 B Mare Inchigeela Lass (NZ) Montjeu (IRE) Miz Wadleigh (USA) T. Ring, Melbourne Passed $400
Reserve $500
143 B Mare Sweet Agi (NZ) O'Reilly (NZ) Agi Gu Li Sherwood Racing, Anakie Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $700
144 B Mare Diavolou High Chaparral (IRE) Devil Child Forest Lodge Racing, Miners Rest H Wallace-Smith VIC $3,000
145 Br Mare Little Things High Chaparral (IRE) Maybe I Ponderosa Park, Nathalia Passed $20,000
Reserve $25,000
146 B Mare Mother Superior God's Own Secret Trick Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington Passed $400
Reserve $500
147 Ch Mare(+) Posh Chic Stratum Great Chic Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington Mae Stud NSW $13,000
148 Br Mare Remorse Commands Guilt S. Croucher, Novar Gardens, SA Cranton Bloodstock VIC $4,000
W B Mare Miss Reveal Testa Rossa La Rev Lauriston Park, Euroa Withdrawn
150 B Colt Commands Riches Commands Millrich K. Mitchem, Clyde Passed $400
Reserve $500
W Br Filly Anacheeva Miss Reveal Owners Withdrawn
W B Filly Romanze Host (CHI) Sparkling Symphony (NZ) B.M. & M.M. Griffiths, Seymour Withdrawn
153 B/Br Mare Princess Hussey Husson (ARG) Royal Delago Owners S Davis VIC $6,500
154 Br Filly Tryst Again Ready's Image (USA) Dane Tryst Woodside Park Stud, Tylden E J & A C Swords VIC $400
155 Ch Mare She Brings Hope Sebring Davala Owners Inglis As Agent QLD $8,500
156 B/Br Mare Calmalist Purrealist Calm Smytzer (NZ) Owners R Gillahan VIC $900
157 B Mare Very Vizzini Bel Esprit Bloomin Marvellous Owners M Mulholland NSW $1,400
158 B/Br Filly Tyeller Artie Schiller (USA) Dominita Owners D Brown VIC $2,200
159 B Mare Domesday Flyer Domesday Brillante Fillette Sherwood Racing, Anakie M Connell VIC $900
160 Ch Mare Fashion News (NZ) Pentire (GB) Marie Claire (NZ) Sherwood Racing, Anakie Michael Flannery Bloodstock (FBAA) VIC $11,000
161 Ch Filly Kloss Stratum Brillante Fillette Sherwood Racing, Anakie Ateako Park VIC $1,200
162 Ch Mare Gold Hoffa Bon Hoffa Goldsmobile Ken King Thoroughbreds, Euroa Ken King Thoroughbreds VIC $11,000
163 B Mare Sharknado Sharkbite Flew Owners Passed $8,500
Reserve $10,000
164 Ch Mare So Prouda Carla Viking Ruler Vallarna Owners A Henderson VIC $500
165 B Filly Pranfare King of Prussia No Fanfare Owners (To dissolve a partnership) G Stewart SA $6,500
166 B/Br Mare Ruby Lane Written Tycoon Ruby Trois Owners R Groen VIC $5,500
167 Ch Mare Churchill Dawn Churchill Downs New Years Eve Owners T Moloney QLD $2,600
168 B Mare Sagapuss Real Saga Pasiphae Owners B & G Hand VIC $11,000
W B/Br Mare Chica Caliente Testa Rossa Fraarie Owners Withdrawn
170 B Gelding Easy Drama Real Saga Miss Carefree Owners Larsson Racing VIC $7,500
171 Br Gelding Caro Kann Denman Late Watch Owners Passed $65,000
Reserve $80,000
172 Blk/Br Gelding Second Option Written Tycoon Belle of the City Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne A Coffey VIC $22,000
173 Br Gelding Ducal Castle Domesday Princesa Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne D Daffy VIC $5,500
174 Ch Gelding Killarney Kid (NZ) Pendragon (NZ) On Arrival (NZ) Owners Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $54,000
175 Br Gelding Rodway Street Cry (IRE) Tugela (USA) Owners Boomer Bloodstock WA $15,000
176 Ch Gelding Storm Approach Purrealist Smytzer's Thunder Owners J Lake VIC $15,000
W Ch Gelding Chowne Malibu Moon (USA) Secret Thyme (USA) Owners Withdrawn
178 Ch Gelding Crime Fighter Street Hero (USA) Quiet Name (IRE) Owners Wilde Racing VIC $52,000
179 B Gelding Crichton (NZ) O'Reilly (NZ) Wait a Minute (NZ) Owners John Sadler Training Services Pty Ltd VIC $21,000
180 Ch Gelding Club Star Starcraft (NZ) Quick Blush Owners Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $34,000
181 B Gelding Tan Tat Diamond Fastnet Rock Tan Tat de Lago Owners Aquis Farm QLD $15,000
182 B Gelding Handsome Tycoon Not a Single Doubt Charlotte de Belle Owners G Clarke NT $32,000
W Br Colt Pressing Sebring Lamiraqui Eliza Park International, Kerrie Withdrawn
184 B Colt Sun Hawk Wanted Eggs Eliza Park International, Kerrie S Lee NSW $10,000
185 Ch Gelding Resistant Choisir Swinging Babe Eliza Park International, Kerrie Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $36,000
186 B Gelding Special Feeling Rothesay Perfect Feeling Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale D Wills VIC $10,000
W B Gelding Sedimentary Stratum Abazan Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale Withdrawn
188 Br Gelding Infantry Commands Wildesong Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale G Morgan NSW $10,000
189 B Gelding Staressa Starcraft (NZ) Fairessa Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale M Brosnan QLD $5,500
190 B Gelding Cross of Gold Redoute's Choice They Say (USA) Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale M Jarvis VIC $10,000
191 B Gelding Razzle Dazzle Rock Fastnet Rock Ripping Nic Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale M Jarvis VIC $20,000
192 Ch Gelding San Sierra Encosta de Lago Passageway (USA) Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale J Burton NSW $10,000
193 B Gelding Randarock Fastnet Rock Randaroo (USA) Lindsay Park Racing Pty Ltd, Ascot Vale P Cahir VIC $9,000
194 B/Br Colt Skilled Safety Valve Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Inglis As Agent VIC $7,500
195 Ch Gelding Certified Twenty Snitzel Firenza Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Inglis As Agent VIC $25,000
196 Ch Gelding Witness a Star Star Witness Leica Lotto Cavanough Racing, Albury, NSW Inglis As Agent SA $4,000
197 Ch Gelding Ronn's Moss Mossman Basamaat (IRE) Owners Inglis As Agent VIC $20,000
198 B Gelding Cheetah Ridge Mossman Acinonyx Owners M Arrowsmith VIC $6,000
199 B/Br Gelding Charge Forward Carlaxna (IRE) Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Jane Lee Park VIC $2,600
W B Gelding I'm a Songwriter Written Tycoon I'm a Singa (NZ) C. Griffiths, Kyneton Withdrawn
201 B Gelding Perfect Storm Husson Lightning Golden Summer Owners C Kelly VIC $1,500
202 B Gelding My Dancing Duel (NZ) Duelled Mylor (NZ) Shergar Thoroughbreds, Melbourne Oakford Thoroughbred Farm VIC $10,000
203 B Gelding Prix d'Or Redoute's Choice Chausson Dore (IRE) Owners Inglis As Agent VIC $30,000
204 Blk/Br Gelding For the Fallen Pentire (GB) Midnight Blues Owners N Newton WA $3,600
205 Ch Gelding He's a Witness Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Not Always Owners B Currie QLD $8,000
206 Ch Gelding Negroni Nicconi Keltic Verse Owners Inglis As Agent NSW $20,000
207 Ch Gelding Sidwell Written Tycoon Goldgino Owners S Lawlor QLD $6,000
208 B Gelding Judge Jeuny Testafiable Jeunabaa P. Hammond, Melbourne J Purcell VIC $12,000
209 B Gelding Rosewall Redoute's Choice Quibble Owners (To dissolve a partnership) S Cocivera WA $3,500
210 Br Gelding Solomon's Song Desert King (IRE) Solitaire Song Owners D Brunton TAS $6,000
211 Br Gelding Old Tom Old Deuteronomy (USA) My Lady Gaila J. Bourke, Stanhope G Clarke NT $6,000
212 B Gelding Johnny the Cashman Dash for Cash Denise's Song Owners Passed $5,500
Reserve $6,000
W B Gelding Neona Ne Coupez Pas (USA) Kimona M. Hunter, Sunbury Withdrawn