2016 August Thoroughbred Sale
19 August 2016

Lot Col Media Sex Name Sire Dam On Account Of Details
2 B Mare To be Honest Bel Esprit Miss Lardydar F. Salanitri, Melbourne Passed $26,000
Reserve $40,000
3 B Mare No Excuses Bec Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Sudden Headache (USA) Aqua Trained Thoroughbreds, Melbourne Passed $5,000
Reserve $10,000
7 B Mare(+) Redwood Forest (USA) General Meeting (USA) Redwood Falls (IRE) Larneuk Stud, Euroa Passed $4,500
Reserve $10,000
8 B Mare(+) Venus (USA) Atticus (USA) Stormette (USA) Larneuk Stud, Euroa Passed $6,000
Reserve $10,000
9 Br Mare(+) Paros Commands Pellucid Larneuk Stud, Euroa Passed $1,500
Reserve $5,000
16 B Mare Moss in Flight Mossman Rose in Flight Stoneridge Park, Mornington Passed $0
Reserve $400
17 B Mare Laetill Umatilla (NZ) Laelene Stoneridge Park, Mornington Passed $0
Reserve $400
35 B Mare Scoops Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) Scorpion Orchid (IRE) Meadow Farm, Bayles Passed $600
Reserve $1,200
38 B Mare Cerro Vista Statue of Liberty (USA) Batik Ponderosa Park, Nathalia Passed $65,000
Reserve $90,000
43 Ch Mare Waterstone Refuse to Bend (IRE) Bella Vichy L. Hutchins, Deniliquin, NSW Passed $400
Reserve $1,000
51 Ch Mare(+) Miabondialee Vettori (IRE) Musical Orbit Blue Gum Farm, Euroa Passed $9,000
Reserve $12,000
55 B Mare(+) Fleur de Lion Tale of the Cat (USA) Brass Lauriston Park, Euroa Passed $2,250
Reserve $4,000
58 Gr Mare Zabillie Zabeel (NZ) Typhoon Billie Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington Passed $50,000
Reserve $65,000
62 B Mare Aver Bubble Gum Fellow (JPN) West with Night (NZ) Flinders Park Stud, Flinders Passed $0
Reserve $400
69 Ch Mare(+) Pintle Pivotal (GB) Quarter Note (USA) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Passed $75,000
Reserve $100,000
72 B Mare Miss Montero Time Thief Catherine Zeta Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $4,500
Reserve $5,000
77 B Mare Moparee Magnus Mrs Bradbury Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $11,000
Reserve $15,000
87 B/Br Mare(+) Icy Maiden Xaar (GB) Marsiliana Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Passed $28,000
Reserve $30,000
89 B Mare(+) Miss Lenglen Dehere (USA) Miss Kournikova Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Passed $34,000
Reserve $40,000
109 B Filly Reward for Effort Vigilant Ballarto Lodge, Koo Wee Rup Passed $5,500
Reserve $10,000
124 B Mare First Bloom Dylan Thomas (IRE) Celtic Bloom Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley Passed $28,000
Reserve $30,000
128 B Mare Luskin Belle Primus Southern Heights Owners Passed $3,750
Reserve $5,000
131 Br Mare Queen Gorgo Domesday Queen of Sparta Maluka Thoroughbreds, Euroa Passed $4,000
Reserve $5,000
137 B Mare Domino Vitale Casino Prince Magic Tumbler Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Passed $26,000
Reserve $30,000
146 B Mare Mezulla (NZ) Shamardal (USA) Vamperalla (NZ) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $42,500
Reserve $55,000
198 B Mare Hilylia High Chaparral (IRE) Laylia Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $5,500
Reserve $10,000
200 B Filly Yendall All American The Flying Nun G. Osborne, Kyneton Passed $2,250
Reserve $2,500