2016 August Thoroughbred Sale
19 August 2016

Lot Col Media Sex Name Sire Dam On Account Of Purchaser Purchaser Location Price
1 Ch Mare Yuka Joy Gundane Oh Joy T. Ahern, Pakenham South Inglis As Agent VIC $400
2 B Mare To be Honest Bel Esprit Miss Lardydar F. Salanitri, Melbourne Passed $26,000
Reserve $40,000
3 B Mare No Excuses Bec Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Sudden Headache (USA) Aqua Trained Thoroughbreds, Melbourne Passed $5,000
Reserve $10,000
4 B/Br Mare Smash Quest for Fame (GB) Destruct (NZ) Hirsch Racing, Melbourne S Lee VIC $400
5 B/Br Mare Commanding Star Commands Precious Days (USA) Hirsch Racing, Melbourne H Wallace-Smith VIC $600
6 B Mare Bella Stella Danehill (USA) Stella Cadente Hirsch Racing, Melbourne Wolff Racing VIC $2,800
7 B Mare(+) Redwood Forest (USA) General Meeting (USA) Redwood Falls (IRE) Larneuk Stud, Euroa Passed $4,500
Reserve $10,000
8 B Mare(+) Venus (USA) Atticus (USA) Stormette (USA) Larneuk Stud, Euroa Passed $6,000
Reserve $10,000
9 Br Mare(+) Paros Commands Pellucid Larneuk Stud, Euroa Passed $1,500
Reserve $5,000
10 B Mare(+) Fraganza Lonhro Partisan Larneuk Stud, Euroa Inglis As Agent VIC $1,500
11 B/Br Mare Scrape the Paint Perugino (USA) Yabeel (NZ) G. Burke, Elwood P Robinson VIC $600
12 B Mare Sepia Miss Big Brown (USA) Arzetna E. Jusufovic, Berwick Glenara Park VIC $200
13 Ch Mare Antares Starcraft (NZ) Jewel Vault E. Jusufovic, Berwick Glenara Park VIC $200
14 B/Br Mare(+) Combermere Commands Cyphell (IRE) D. Trevethan, Gundowring H Wallace-Smith VIC $4,000
15 B Filly Purple Carat High Chaparral (IRE) Purple Groove (NZ) C. Littlefield, Tuerong Inglis As Agent QLD $11,000
16 B Mare Moss in Flight Mossman Rose in Flight Stoneridge Park, Mornington Passed $0
Reserve $400
17 B Mare Laetill Umatilla (NZ) Laelene Stoneridge Park, Mornington Passed $0
Reserve $400
18 Ch Mare Jumpin' Joh Johannesburg (USA) Nadia Stoneridge Park, Mornington Riverbank Farm VIC $500
19 B Mare Ultimate Journey Good Journey (USA) Lifting (NZ) Stoneridge Park, Mornington Meadow Farm VIC $400
20 B/Br Mare Sea Gem Royal Academy (USA) Our Chantilly Stoneridge Park, Mornington D Purvis VIC $900
21 Ch Mare Unshinkable Strategic Shinka Stoneridge Park, Mornington Jackson Empire NSW $500
22 B Mare Stylish Salute Commands Stylish Odds Stoneridge Park, Mornington Inglis As Agent VIC $500
23 Br Filly Urban Legend New Approach (IRE) Queen of Babylon J. Tzouvelis, Melbourne Inglis As Agent VIC $500
24 B Mare(+) Canitellya Hussonet (USA) Draw Card Miranda Park, Hesket K Purdy QLD $10,000
25 B Mare Star Hunter Henrythenavigator (USA) Ponton Flyer Barree Pastoral Co., Doncaster East China Horse Club $57,000
W B Mare With Angel Wings Flying Spur Light Sweeper Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel Withdrawn
27 Ch Mare(+) Heavenly Night (USA) Woodman (USA) Out on the Town (USA) Mount Brown International, Nagambie E Santos PHILIPPINES $11,000
28 B Mare Boogiedayz Domesday Boogie Glenelg Park, Euroa Inglis As Agent QLD $4,000
29 B Mare Happy One Eavesdropper (USA) Eajaab (GB) Glenelg Park, Euroa Massy Farms VIC $500
30 Br Mare Carringbush Lass Bianconi (USA) Artistic Rose (NZ) Talwood Park, Whittlesea T Kelly VIC $1,750
W B Mare Zeftabaa Anabaa (USA) Zefta Bucklee Farm, Greta West Withdrawn
32 B Mare Rule the Waves King's Best (USA) Regal Sea (NZ) Fenton Park, Clarkefield Glenara Park VIC $200
33 Ch Mare Riona Strategic Tromper Fenton Park, Clarkefield Glenara Park VIC $200
34 B Mare Potomac General Nediym Southern Scene Fenton Park, Clarkefield Whittington NSW $800
35 B Mare Scoops Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) Scorpion Orchid (IRE) Meadow Farm, Bayles Passed $600
Reserve $1,200
36 B Mare(+) My Pinup Girl (NZ) Pins Collection Girl Meadow Farm, Bayles Queensland Rural Pty Ltd QLD $1,500
37 B/Br Mare(+) Hollyella Delago Brom Miss Bud Meadow Farm, Bayles N Brooks NSW $500
38 B Mare Cerro Vista Statue of Liberty (USA) Batik Ponderosa Park, Nathalia Passed $65,000
Reserve $90,000
39 B Mare(+) Dame Leica Honours List (IRE) Selma Road Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock, Ballan H Wallace-Smith VIC $8,000
W B Mare Princess Nemo Rubiton Finneto D. & E. Dance, Ballan Withdrawn
W Ch Mare Evens Get Square Creola D. & E. Dance, Ballan Withdrawn
42 Ch Mare Happy Highway Magic Albert Happy Camper D. & E. Dance, Ballan M Campbell SA $400
43 Ch Mare Waterstone Refuse to Bend (IRE) Bella Vichy L. Hutchins, Deniliquin, NSW Passed $400
Reserve $1,000
44 Br/Blk Mare Big Romance Denman Romancing Campolina Pty Ltd, Sutherlands Creek L Sear VIC $1,300
45 B Mare Not a Single Shout Not a Single Doubt Shmozzy Springmount, Romsey Inglis As Agent NSW $1,000
46 B/Br Mare(+) Elmfield (NZ) Tale of the Cat (USA) Wild Violet Maluka Thoroughbreds, Euroa Mulholland & Burke VIC $6,500
47 B Mare Allurement (NZ) Encosta de Lago Lady Marion Maluka Thoroughbreds, Euroa H Wallace-Smith VIC $10,000
48 Ch Mare(+) Imperia More Than Ready (USA) Be My Princess Maluka Thoroughbreds, Euroa H Wallace-Smith VIC $8,000
49 Br Mare Savage Coup (NZ) Savabeel Justine Coup (NZ) A. Gray, Melbourne Cornerstone Stud As Agent SA $4,500
50 B Mare It's Sydney Canny Lad Olympic Flame Grange Thoroughbreds, Arcadia Inglis As Agent VIC $1,500
51 Ch Mare(+) Miabondialee Vettori (IRE) Musical Orbit Blue Gum Farm, Euroa Passed $9,000
Reserve $12,000
52 B/Br Mare Veetwelve Rossa Testa Rossa Infinite Charm Blue Gum Farm, Euroa D Giltinan VIC $1,400
53 B Mare Mikeys Magic Okawango (USA) Diamond Bay Road (NZ) Blue Gum Farm, Euroa J Quattrone VIC $500
54 B Mare De Lovely Lady Mossman Pieta Blue Gum Farm, Euroa Inglis As Agent VIC $200
55 B Mare(+) Fleur de Lion Tale of the Cat (USA) Brass Lauriston Park, Euroa Passed $2,250
Reserve $4,000
56 Ch Mare(+) Siren of the Nile Desert King (IRE) Cult Figure (NZ) Sun Stud, Kerrie Ponderosa Park VIC $5,500
57 B Mare Gallantly (NZ) Gallant Guru Ears Carol (NZ) Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip D Purvis VIC $20,000
58 Gr Mare Zabillie Zabeel (NZ) Typhoon Billie Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington Passed $50,000
Reserve $65,000
59 Gr Mare(+) Djandoubi (NZ) Guillotine (NZ) Carnival Girl (NZ) Greta West Stud, Greta West P Mill VIC $2,400
60 Ch Mare Gran Bella (NZ) Rory's Jester Paradise Park Flinders Park Stud, Flinders Glenara Park VIC $200
61 B Mare Porschalaine Keltrice China Jester Flinders Park Stud, Flinders J Quattrone VIC $500
62 B Mare Aver Bubble Gum Fellow (JPN) West with Night (NZ) Flinders Park Stud, Flinders Passed $0
Reserve $400
W Gr Mare Oakmont Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) Marrouge Flinders Park Stud, Flinders Withdrawn
64 B Mare(+) Louisville Dancer Catbird Deja Slew (USA) Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey L Howley VIC $25,000
65 Ch Mare Zakuska Snippets Encantada Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey Glenara Park VIC $200
66 Ch Mare Viva la Brom Delago Brom Loitering (NZ) Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey Glenara Park VIC $200
67 Br Mare(+) Golden Note Clangalang Calm and Content Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey P Rowe VIC $2,500
68 B Mare(+) French Resistence Peintre Celebre (USA) Spyglass (NZ) Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey Inglis As Agent VIC $40,000
69 Ch Mare(+) Pintle Pivotal (GB) Quarter Note (USA) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Passed $75,000
Reserve $100,000
70 B/Br Mare(+) Night Light Al Maher Saigon Moonlight (NZ) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden A Perdon VIC $26,000
71 B Mare Starlet Astronomer Royal (USA) Blue Gum Girl Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Inglis As Agent NSW $40,000
72 B Mare Miss Montero Time Thief Catherine Zeta Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $4,500
Reserve $5,000
73 Ch Mare Pot o' Gold High Yield (USA) Rainbow Lover Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Glenara Park VIC $200
W B/Br Mare Orthodoxia Invincible Spirit (IRE) Carlotta (NZ) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Withdrawn
75 Ch Mare Catwalk Beauty Tale of the Cat (USA) Hancora (FR) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden M Massey VIC $300
76 B Mare Yahilu Bel Esprit Mrs Bradbury Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Inglis As Agent VIC $400
77 B Mare Moparee Magnus Mrs Bradbury Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $11,000
Reserve $15,000
78 B Mare Starsplash Galileo (IRE) Spectroscope Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre M Harris NSW $1,700
79 Ch Mare Box Office Miss Elvstroem Add Tinsel (NZ) Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa D Giltinan VIC $500
80 B Mare(+) Churchill Avenue Churchill Downs Leisure Pass Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa M Campbell SA $1,800
81 B/Br Mare(+) Dance Party Elvstroem Lightning Command Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa Inglis As Agent VIC $1,600
82 B Mare(+) Leisure Pass Umatilla (NZ) Ease and Comfort Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa Inglis As Agent VIC $40,000
83 Ch Filly Out of This World Snitzel Celestial Show Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa Inglis As Agent NEW ZEALAND $15,000
84 Br Mare Dance on Air Perugino (USA) African Breeze Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Peter Ford Thoroughbreds (FBAA) VIC $6,500
85 Br Mare Rambling River Rubiton River Crossing Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne T Ottobre VIC $10,000
86 B Mare(+) River Tribe Umatilla (NZ) River Express Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne D Giltinan VIC $22,000
87 B/Br Mare(+) Icy Maiden Xaar (GB) Marsiliana Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Passed $28,000
Reserve $30,000
88 B/Br Mare Menangle Artie Schiller (USA) Speedy Rossa Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne P Smith VIC $1,000
89 B Mare(+) Miss Lenglen Dehere (USA) Miss Kournikova Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Passed $34,000
Reserve $40,000
90 Br Mare(+) Idle Dreams Domesday Rambling River Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Inglis As Agent NSW $33,000
91 B Mare Contrite Heart Dane Shadow Dan Baroness Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW Bridsan Bloodstock VIC $8,000
W Ch Mare Libor Lady (USA) Exchange Rate (USA) Laughing Erin (USA) Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW Withdrawn
93 Br Filly Lonhrolite Lonhro Spectrolite Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW Cameron Cooke Bloodstock VIC $4,500
94 B Mare Otago Miss (NZ) Darci Brahma (NZ) Ashley Downs (NZ) Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW Peter Ford Thoroughbreds (FBAA) VIC $17,000
95 B Mare She's a Mod Dane Shadow Pacific Dreams Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW Larneuk Stud VIC $15,000
96 B Mare Sylvian (NZ) Tavistock (NZ) Gimmick (NZ) Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW Briarwood Farm VIC $25,000
97 Ch Filly Belief Reset Sibylline Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW S Gleeson QLD $9,500
98 Br Filly Billiards Lonhro Baize Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW M Tichy & L Harrison VIC $1,000
99 B Filly Limoges Lonhro Still Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW Inglis As Agent QLD $5,000
100 B Filly Adonais Exceed and Excel Hexameter Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW D Purvis VIC $16,000
101 B Colt Stratum Redoute's Choice Bourgeois Teeley Assets Ltd, Melbourne Corumbene Stud NSW $30,000
102 B Colt Stratum Redoute's Choice Bourgeois Teeley Assets Ltd, Melbourne Ramsey Pastoral Pty Ltd QLD $25,000
W Ch Filly Magnus Ali de Lys Sun Stud, Kerrie Withdrawn
W B/Br Colt Fiorente (IRE) Come Daybreak Sun Stud, Kerrie Withdrawn
105 Ch Colt Ilovethiscity Fraganza Larneuk Stud, Euroa S Mathrick VIC $5,500
W B Colt Foreplay Orthodoxia Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Withdrawn
107 B Colt Lucas Cranach (GER) Markinminne Bombora Downs, Bittern A Logan VIC $3,000
108 B Colt Fastnet Rock Three Rainbows (IRE) Sun Stud, Kerrie Inglis As Agent NSW $46,000
109 B Filly Reward for Effort Vigilant Ballarto Lodge, Koo Wee Rup Passed $5,500
Reserve $10,000
110 B Filly Desert King (IRE) Markinminne Bombora Downs, Bittern J Scott VIC $3,000
W B/Br Filly Econsul (NZ) Archway Angel Innisfree Thoroughbreds, Pakenham South Withdrawn
112 Ch Mare Marli Magic Host (CHI) Unlimited Passage Owners Bridsan Bloodstock VIC $40,000
113 B Mare Polanski's Sis Amadeus Wolf (GB) Citrium Owners A Swords VIC $1,300
W B Mare It's One O'Reilly (NZ) Numero Douze (NZ) Owners Withdrawn
W Br/Blk Filly Maputo Express Lonhro Mozambique Owners Withdrawn
116 Ch Filly Escape the Rain Strategic Rainhill Owners E T Ensby Racing / Country Racing NSW $1,500
W Ch Mare Choisance Choisir Hultarani (USA) Owners Withdrawn
W B/Br Mare Arizona Girl High Chaparral (IRE) Stella Doro (NZ) D. & E. Dance, Ballan Withdrawn
W B Mare Allelu Testa Rossa Lujacool Basinghall Farm, Nagambie Withdrawn
120 B Filly Ma Raison (NZ) Makfi (GB) Rationalize (NZ) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Alicia Willick Racing Stables QLD $11,000
W B Mare Forgeress Excellent Art (GB) Secret Trick On Time Nurses Agency, Deniliquin, NSW Withdrawn
122 Ch Filly Meteor Millions Northern Meteor Solana Beach (NZ) Owners Inglis As Agent VIC $400
123 B Filly Bedrock Baby Moshe Ruth's Reward Francis Racing, Bangholme D & C Curran VIC $400
124 B Mare First Bloom Dylan Thomas (IRE) Celtic Bloom Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley Passed $28,000
Reserve $30,000
W B/Br Filly Darling Lili Charge Forward Das Machen Lachlan River Bloodstock, Mornington Withdrawn
126 B Filly The Big le Boomski Oamaru Force Princess Storm Owners L Paton QLD $3,750
W B Mare Mermaid Run Elvstroem Isle Royale Owners Withdrawn
128 B Mare Luskin Belle Primus Southern Heights Owners Passed $3,750
Reserve $5,000
W Ch Mare Catch That Cat Tale of the Cat (USA) Apollonian Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Withdrawn
130 B Filly Wanted Dressed (NZ) Grange Thoroughbreds, Arcadia K Elford VIC $800
131 Br Mare Queen Gorgo Domesday Queen of Sparta Maluka Thoroughbreds, Euroa Passed $4,000
Reserve $5,000
132 B/Br Mare Redwood Rose Trade Fair (GB) Argentine Rose Karasi Park, Bass V Proctor VIC $500
133 Br Mare Charnzel Snitzel Cheeky Charny Karasi Park, Bass H Wallace-Smith VIC $13,500
134 B Mare Summers Day Bel Esprit Sunbeam Sally Karasi Park, Bass P D & P M Gray QLD $2,000
135 B Filly Santaricci King of Prussia Santaconi Karasi Park, Bass Glenara Park VIC $200
136 B Filly Sienna Symphony Testa Rossa Sweepstaking Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Inglis As Agent CHINA $40,000
137 B Mare Domino Vitale Casino Prince Magic Tumbler Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Passed $26,000
Reserve $30,000
138 B Mare Possible Statue of Liberty (USA) Immaculate Owners R Miller QLD $8,500
139 Br Filly Nina Rules Dane Shadow Table Mesa (USA) Two Bays Farm, Flinders P Hickey VIC $5,750
140 Br Filly Sepoy Masonette Two Bays Farm, Flinders Dares Hill Station SA $2,250
141 Ch Filly Northwood Thunder Equiano (FR) Smytzer's Thunder Northwood Park, Seymour A Swords VIC $2,800
142 B Filly Vein Choice Krupt Laynlow Northwood Park, Seymour Jackson Empire NSW $800
143 B Mare Secret Wand Elusive Quality (USA) Osprey (GB) Blue Gum Farm, Euroa Cornerstone Stud (As Agent) SA $4,000
144 Ch Filly Nath's Wish Nicconi Hip Hop Woodside Park Stud, Tylden D Sharpe AUSTRALIA $3,500
145 B Mare East Afrika Time Thief Angalia Woodside Park Stud, Tylden J Rowe VIC $2,800
146 B Mare Mezulla (NZ) Shamardal (USA) Vamperalla (NZ) Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $42,500
Reserve $55,000
147 B Filly Vintage Valley Denman Napa Sky (NZ) Limerick Lane Thoroughbreds, Mangalore China Horse Club $15,000
148 Br Filly Jay Venture Equiano (FR) Salinas Limerick Lane Thoroughbreds, Mangalore Inglis As Agent QLD $9,000
W B Filly Zapurbly More Than Ready (USA) Zapurb GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne Withdrawn
150 B Filly Wingstack Lonhro Brothers Dream GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne Robert Roulston Bloodstock NSW $70,000
151 B Filly Madame Brussels Wanted Honest Politician Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne MAS Bloodstock Pty Ltd VIC $2,000
152 B Filly Miss Cooper Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Miss Lenglen Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Cornerstone Stud (As Agent) SA $72,500
153 B Filly Campanula Magic Albert Cambridge Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Rodney Miller QLD $11,500
154 B Mare Dubrovnik Medaglia d'Oro (USA) The Fairest Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW P Hills NEW ZEALAND $6,500
155 B Filly Foxwhistle Authorized (IRE) Whistles Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW Darby Racing NSW $62,000
156 B Filly Glib New Approach (IRE) Spiel (NZ) Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW RP Racing NSW $5,000
157 B Filly Pangolin Bernardini (USA) Senchel Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW Jackson Empire NSW $2,500
158 Br Filly Patient Commands Ouija Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW Cameron Cooke Bloodstock VIC $56,000
159 B Filly Quirimbas Street Boss (USA) Spurani Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW J Sheahan NSW $20,000
160 B Gelding Experienced Skilled Chaparra Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW L Hilton NSW $10,500
161 B Gelding Java Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Dawn Attack (IRE) Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW G & C Pastoral Co Pty Ltd NT $50,000
162 B Gelding Kaphni Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Nanda Kot Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW R Hurley AUSTRALIA $10,000
163 B Gelding Tierrasanta Exceed and Excel Del Mar (NZ) Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW Inglis As Agent NSW $3,000
164 B Gelding Orujo Exceed and Excel Rum Cruise Godolphin, Hunter Valley, NSW S Mathrick VIC $58,000
165 B Gelding Polarised Al Maher Icy Maiden Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne B Healey / Wishbone farm QLD $8,000
166 Ch Gelding Palace Tycoon Testa Rossa Palace Glow Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Inglis As Agent QLD $90,000
167 B Gelding Cloudscape (IRE) Dansili (GB) Set the Scene (IRE) Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Honeycomb Stud NSW $4,500
W B/Br Gelding Matagami Dreamscape Centaure (NZ) Forest Lodge Racing Pty Ltd, Miners Rest Withdrawn
W Ch Gelding Mathison Choisir Homeland Sheila Owners Withdrawn
W B Gelding Birkdale Beneteau Rocketing Frankie J. Stockdale Racing, Sale Withdrawn
W B Gelding Tropical Cat Hard Spun (USA) Tiger Belle Lachlan River Bloodstock, Mornington Withdrawn
172 B Gelding Grangemouth (NZ) Shocking Bewildered (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Trotter Racing VIC $25,000
173 B Gelding Tennessee Outlaw Wanted Tennessee Morn Owners (To dissolve a partnership) G Clarke NT $4,000
174 B Gelding Fan the Breeze Elvstroem Chesterfield Owners (To dissolve a partnership) B Blackshaw VIC $7,000
175 B Gelding Guest of Honour (IRE) Cape Cross (IRE) Risera (IRE) Owners C B Bloodstock VIC $22,000
W B Gelding Reigning Meteor Northern Meteor Sheeznodoubt Owners Withdrawn
177 Ch Gelding No Love Thorn Park National Dream Owners N House SA $23,000
W B/Br Colt Master of Design Simply Rossa J. Cappellin, Melbourne Withdrawn
179 Ch Gelding Ronn's Moss Mossman Basamaat (IRE) Owners G Clarke NT $16,000
180 Ch Gelding Ripping Dream (NZ) Rip Van Winkle (IRE) Angel Dreamer (USA) Owners R Mitchell VIC $1,700
181 B Gelding Summerill Star Witness Sequinella Owners Jackson Empire NSW $900
182 Br Colt Econsul (NZ) Pot o' Gold Woodside Park Stud, Tylden A Purcell VIC $2,000
183 B Gelding The Fifth King Amadeus Wolf (GB) Great Sandy Owners J Howard VIC $400
184 B Gelding O'Ceirins Secret (NZ) Postponed (USA) Clancy O'Ceirin (NZ) Luke Oliver Racing, Glenhuntly A Purcell VIC $5,500
185 B Gelding Shinsky Shinzig Orange Rusky Owners Graham Smith NT $6,000
186 B/Br Mare Turkish Slippers Testa Rossa Bocconi Bombora Downs, Bittern Glenara Park VIC $200
187 B Filly A Kiss a Day Domesday Volkiss (NZ) Ealing Park, Euroa Glenara Park VIC $200
188 B Mare Spine Tingling Elvstroem Spine Tingler J. Gaffney, Kilmore Laceby Lodge Stud VIC $5,000
189 Ch Mare(+) Antigone Jones (USA) Smarty Jones (USA) Oedy's Appeal (USA) Shadwell Farm, Mt Rowan D Giltinan VIC $6,500
W B Mare Chelsey Cry (USA) Street Cry (IRE) Chelsey Flower (USA) Shadwell Farm, Mt Rowan Withdrawn
191 Br Mare Lady Rohlon Lonhro Our Lady Grace Sun Stud, Kerrie J Quattrone VIC $400
192 Br Mare(+) Star Snuck (USA) Snuck In (USA) Star Mesa (USA) Swettenham Stud, Nagambie A Giotas NSW $2,750
193 B Mare Lake Susannah Filante (NZ) Mysticaro (USA) Swettenham Stud, Nagambie D Giltinan VIC $700
194 B/Br Mare Marrakai Bianconi (USA) Cross Dancer Swettenham Stud, Nagambie Glenara Park VIC $200
195 B Mare Frozen Asset (NZ) Rip Van Winkle (IRE) Mareva (NZ) R. Thanos, Melbourne M Stein NSW $1,250
196 B Mare Elsedina Encosta de Lago Kapcher Contract Racing Pty Ltd, Melbourne Three Fillies Lodge/N Agent VIC $65,000
197 B Mare My Third Wife Onemorenomore Lady Off the Ranch P. Brown, Cheltenham Glenara Park VIC $200
198 B Mare Hilylia High Chaparral (IRE) Laylia Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Passed $5,500
Reserve $10,000
199 B Mare Prosperity (NZ) Iffraaj (GB) Real Success Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Inglis As Agent VIC $15,000
200 B Filly Yendall All American The Flying Nun G. Osborne, Kyneton Passed $2,250
Reserve $2,500
201 B Mare Godspiel God's Own Ginspiel S. Brown, Cannons Creek Jackson Empire NSW $1,800
W Gr Mare Deshaa Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Diamantina (FR) S. Duke, Ballarat Withdrawn
W Ch Mare Don't Call Me Miss Haradasun Mademoiselle S. Duke, Ballarat Withdrawn
W Br Mare Norlandia Magnus Timeless Winds S. Duke, Ballarat Withdrawn
205 B Colt Iterate Fastnet Rock Blonde Humor (USA) Owners M Campbell SA $500
206 B/Br Colt Dundeel (NZ) Darkling Luskin Park, Luskintyre, NSW Paul Willetts Bloodstock VIC $25,000
207 B Colt Kuroshio Our Sharapova Owners Inglis As Agent VIC $12,000
208 Ch Filly Toorak Toff Fabergine Maluka Thoroughbreds, Euroa T Black VIC $2,000
209 B Filly Dr Doute's Lindt Maluka Thoroughbreds, Euroa P & T Templeton VIC $1,100
210 B Filly Master of Design Silver Stash Jane Lee Park, Warrnambool J Van Duren NSW $400
211 B Filly Chez Moi (NZ) Pour Moi (IRE) Cruz Control (NZ) Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW C Evans VIC $10,000
212 B Mare Superb Bel Esprit Dateless (NZ) Bell View Park Stud, Meroo Meadow, NSW J Ritchie VIC $2,250
213 B Mare Clandestine Affair Onemorenomore Lost Weekend Owners L Paton QLD $6,500
214 B Mare Fun Size Niello Archurreh Owners Glenara Park VIC $200
215 B Mare Rose Dancer New Approach (IRE) Rose Ceremony Kingston Park Studs, Merricks North Inglis As Agent CHINA $14,000
216 Ch Filly Oppose Manhattan Rain Sunriseontheoasis (USA) Newhaven Park, Boorowa, NSW N Stewart NSW $3,500
217 Br Mare Queen's Palace Grey Swallow (IRE) Kensington Palace D. Di Carla, Melbourne T Black VIC $7,000
218 B/Br Mare Our Miss Bossy Street Boss (USA) Brooke's Express Owners Edinburgh Park Stud Pty Ltd NSW $18,000
219 Ch Filly Strategic Maneuver Syntonic M. Halabi, Melbourne Manwarring Thoroughbreds NSW $1,300
220 B Mare Cazonet Fastnet Rock Native Song (NZ) Owners Kirkby-Miller Holdings Pty Ltd NSW $53,000
221 Ch Filly Adriatic Sebring Pride of Tatius GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne Inglis As Agent NSW $25,000
222 B Mare Nirwana Beach (NZ) Stravinsky (USA) Twin Town (GB) Sun Stud, Kerrie J Knight NT $11,000
223 Ch Mare American Maid Big Brown (USA) Capozzene (USA) Owners B McDonald NEW ZEALAND $6,000
224 B/Br Filly Yulong Baohu Congrats (USA) Palo Duro Owners J King NSW $9,000
225 B/Br Mare Royal Lady Bramshaw Sherlowe Oakford Thoroughbred Farm, Maldon A Curran VIC $2,500
226 B Mare Nina Bay Hinchinbrook Emmaagh Clanbrooke Racing, Melbourne R Groen VIC $1,600
227 Ch Mare Brooklyn Rain Manhattan Rain Magic Fingers Malua Racing, Melbourne Inglis As Agent NSW $15,000
W B Mare Atlanta Dream God's Own Lady Atlanta Malua Racing, Melbourne Withdrawn
229 B Filly Jewels Artie Schiller (USA) Ali's Jewel Basinghall Farm, Nagambie Inglis As Agent VIC $3,200
230 B/Br Mare Sahara Chill Dubawi (IRE) Shivering Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley K Harris VIC $52,000
231 B Filly Amaizing Sky Shinzig Orange Rusky Owners A Darcy VIC $500
232 B Mare Push the Sky Away Reset Special Grange Owners N Stewart NSW $6,000
233 Ch Mare Maddie Moo Moo Street Boss (USA) Babington (NZ) Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $23,000
W B Mare Magnus Slipper Magnus Zarilly C. Vidotto, Mornington Withdrawn
235 B Mare Libertine Miss Statue of Liberty (USA) Love Buggy Owners B Garvey NSW $15,000
236 Ch Mare Bay Reflection Encosta de Lago Blue Image Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Belmont Bloodstock Agency P/L (FBAA) VIC $10,000
237 B Mare Fee Fi Fo Fum (NZ) Duporth Miss Fiona Robhar Racing & Breeding, Melbourne Hayden Welsh Racing NT $2,000
238 B Gelding Anacheeva Charming Charge Owners Ron Johnson Bloodstock (As agent) NSW $3,000
239 B/Br Gelding The Spitfire Fastnet Rock Arborea Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Inglis As Agent NSW $8,500
240 B Gelding Orator (IRE) Galileo (IRE) Airwave (GB) Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek M Zohn QLD $3,000
241 B Gelding Tips and Beers De Beers (NZ) Gypsy Giaconda Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Woollahra Warriors Syndicate NSW $18,000
W Ch Colt Club Town Sebring Take Heart Sun Stud, Kerrie Withdrawn
243 B Gelding Marco Man Sebring Pride of the Class (NZ) Vieira Group Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW Clare Park NSW $5,500
244 B Gelding Feed to Burn Wanted Metellus Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington R Winnell VIC $3,000
245 B Gelding Astro Spirit Lonhro Screen Legend (USA) Owners R Baumann QLD $5,000
246 B/Br Gelding Prince of Babylon (NZ) Nom du Jeu (NZ) Las Vegas Lass (NZ) Owners T Templeton VIC $24,000
W B Gelding Stragun Stratum Heigl Owners Withdrawn
248 B Gelding Dublin Dan Myboycharlie (IRE) Spangle (NZ) Owners N Godbolt NSW $4,500
249 Br Gelding Audino Danerich Abflug Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Inglis As Agent VIC $8,000
250 B/Br Gelding Slivovitz Nadeem Ripe Plum Owners S Noble VIC $4,250
251 Br Gelding Legal Waves (IRE) Lawman (FR) Surf the Web (IRE) Owners M Zohn QLD $4,500
252 Ch Colt Strategic Gill'n'i Owners B Goodwin VIC $3,500
253 Blk Gelding High 'n' Handsome (NZ) High Chaparral (IRE) Waimarie Lass (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership) J Duncan VIC $2,600
W B Gelding Chamarel Exceed and Excel Colour Owners Withdrawn
255 B Gelding Rapete Rakti (GB) Chamour B. Taylor, Newborough Glenara Park VIC $600
256 B Gelding Parwan Prince Stanford Raheen Queen Owners B Fenech VIC $7,000
257 B Gelding Holy Fire (NZ) Elusive City (USA) Pretty Wicked (NZ) Owners L La Foe/Cameron Cooke Bloodstock Pty Ltd VIC $10,500
W B Gelding Manwell Manner Hill Carolyn Owners Withdrawn