2017 March Thoroughbred Sale
17 March 2017

Lot Col Media Sex Name Sire Dam On Account Of Purchaser Purchaser Location Price
1 B Mare Utah Rose Al Maher Bountiful Lady (USA) J. Hussey, Richmond, NSW J Quattrone VIC $400
2 B Mare Sagabella Golden Snake (USA) Brindabella T. Balfour, Camden Park, SA Passed $6,000
Reserve $10,000
3 Br Mare Hyperinflation Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Money Mover (NZ) C. Davenport, Melbourne Allhill Pty Ltd VIC $5,750
4 Br Mare Brightcut Octagonal (NZ) Fair Vanity C. Davenport, Melbourne Bhima Thoroughbreds NSW $22,000
W Ch Mare Nightly Aim Northern Meteor Fairytale Dancer Laming Racing, Clyde Withdrawn
6 B Mare Honfleurs Primus Portline Glen Eden Thoroughbred Agistment, Kilmore Passed $1,200
Reserve $1,500
7 B Mare Sime's Girl Redoute's Choice Shadow Memory (USA) Booralite Park, Pakenham South Ribblesdale Stud VIC $5,000
8 Br Filly My Southern Star Sebring Ma Famille (USA) Shady Lane Thoroughbreds, Ballarat S Davis VIC $7,000
9 Gr Mare(+) Latina Belle Encosta de Lago Tempest Tost Oakford Thoroughbred Farm, Maldon P & L Maguire Pty Ltd QLD $26,000
10 B Mare(+) Quality Time Elusive Quality (USA) Fantail (USA) Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $8,500
11 Ch Mare(+) Mystic Mover Haradasun Classy Dane Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $10,000
12 B Mare(+) Bian Seen Bianconi (USA) Ocean Tide Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty S Davis VIC $13,000
13 Ch Mare(+) Magic Eve Magic Albert Mal de Mer Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $14,000
14 B Mare Zanus Hussonet (USA) World Guide (NZ) Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty P Fusca VIC $15,500
15 B Mare(+) Scoops Fusaichi Pegasus (USA) Scorpion Orchid (IRE) Meadow Farm, Bayles Passed $800
Reserve $1,200
W Br/Blk Mare(+) Oncilla King of Roses Kitty Cat (NZ) Meadow Farm, Bayles Withdrawn
17 B/Br Mare(+) Miss Madoff Secret Savings (USA) Danemarie Meadow Farm, Bayles Passed $1,200
Reserve $1,500
18 Br Mare(+) Venus Joy Volitant Oh Joy Meadow Farm, Bayles J Quattrone VIC $1,400
19 B Mare Royal Secret Canny Lad Lady Belvedere Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Scenic Lodge WA $1,000
20 B Mare Forever Special Catbird Another Special Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie J Quattrone VIC $500
21 B/Br Mare(+) Stately Command Commands Stately Rose Bowness Stud, Young, NSW P & T Templeton VIC $2,500
22 B Mare(+) Familiarise Ad Valorem (USA) Summer Eyes Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Peter Cormick VIC $1,000
23 B Mare(+) Lyzealous Strategic Sporting Queen Bowness Stud, Young, NSW C Sutton NSW $1,600
24 B Mare(+) Spirit of Pompeii Bel Esprit Pompeii Glory (NZ) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Passed $9,500
Reserve $10,000
25 B Mare(+) Vaqueros Dream Show a Heart Savannah Bowness Stud, Young, NSW B Goodwin VIC $1,600
26 Ch Mare(+) Dancer Doll Danehill Dancer (IRE) Jollity Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Passed $3,000
Reserve $5,000
27 Br Mare(+) Mukka Damarto Mukaddamah (USA) Sunset Beach Bowness Stud, Young, NSW B James VIC $1,000
28 Br Mare(+) Dansanna (FR) Anabaa (USA) Don't Worry Me (IRE) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW A Chapman NSW $1,600
29 B Mare(+) Miss Stone Rory's Jester Lovely Actress (FR) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW J Smith VIC $1,300
30 B Mare(+) Belgari Bel Esprit Bright Time (NZ) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $3,400
31 B/Br Mare(+) Acatabove Catbird Numerette (USA) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW D Lopez NSW $1,600
32 Ch Mare(+) Lady Nediym General Nediym Linley (NZ) Bowness Stud, Young, NSW M Christie VIC $2,400
W B Mare(+) Tillakea Umatilla (NZ) Maunakea Bowness Stud, Young, NSW Withdrawn
34 B Mare(+) Blushow Show a Heart Bluedanu Bowness Stud, Young, NSW J Smith VIC $1,700
W B Mare Cherokee Lady Sequalo Thorpedo Tarcoola Stud, Mornington Withdrawn
36 B Mare(+) Shebeen Queen Johannesburg (USA) Soyinca (FR) Stockwell Thoroughbreds, Diggers Rest C Kyle VIC $2,200
W Br Mare Youcanrockme Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) Eucalyptus Stockwell Thoroughbreds, Diggers Rest Withdrawn
38 B Mare Daanaty Mutawaajid Dubai Pearl Stockwell Thoroughbreds, Diggers Rest Watgania Pastoral Co. Ltd VIC $2,200
39 B Mare(+) Shadow of the Wind (NZ) High Chaparral (IRE) Frivolous (NZ) Blue Gum Farm, Euroa Melbourne Bloodstock Vic VIC $5,500
40 B/Br Mare Sierra Leone (GB) Polish Precedent (USA) African Peace (USA) Blue Gum Farm, Euroa S Burke VIC $4,000
41 B/Br Mare Lioness Heart Shrewd Rhythm My Becca Blue Gum Farm, Euroa A Vanderfeen VIC $2,250
42 Br/Blk Mare Isle Royale Scenic (IRE) Great Manners Blue Gum Farm, Euroa P Smith VIC $1,000
43 B Mare Reconcentrate Reset Border Reverie (IRE) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Armidale Pty Ltd TAS $2,000
44 B Mare Mearesy Snitzel Majestic Harmony Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $9,000
45 B Colt Wales Redoute's Choice Valkyrie Diva Owners Melbourne Bloodstock Vic VIC $20,000
46 Gr Filly Polanski La Bahia Mockingbird Hill, Longwood Passed $10,000
Reserve $15,000
47 Ch Filly Host (CHI) Promontory Girl R. Vandenbroucke, Seymour Passed $11,000
Reserve $25,000
48 B Filly Equiano (FR) Perilous Princess Ealing Park, Euroa A Goble VIC $2,600
49 B/Br Filly Fiorente (IRE) More Than Mum Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty N Phillips VIC $10,000
50 Br Filly Roman Emperor (NZ) Northbourne Avenue Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty Passed $3,500
Reserve $15,000
51 B Filly Equiano (FR) Singa Lass (NZ) Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty N Phillips VIC $5,000
52 B Colt I Am Invincible Amber's Arion Yulong Park, Bayles Melbourne Bloodstock Vic VIC $5,000
53 Ch Filly Riot of Applause Congrats (USA) Running Riot Owners Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $3,500
54 Br Mare Aura Lee (NZ) O'Reilly (NZ) Fantasy Land (NZ) Owners Baystone Farm VIC $10,000
55 Br/Blk Filly Vite Mamselle Smart Missile Another Faux Pas (IRE) McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA PD & PM Gray QLD $2,200
W Ch Mare Zarakhani Reward for Effort Zanngana (IRE) McEvoy Mitchell Racing Pty Ltd, Angaston, SA Withdrawn
57 Ch Filly Magical Milly Stryker Princess Pulse (NZ) Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington D Curran VIC $11,000
58 Br Filly Mission Completed Strategic Maneuver Tranquilize Owners PD & PM Gray QLD $1,200
59 Br Mare Royal Fantasy Testa Rossa Royal Delago Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock, Ballan Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $13,000
60 B/Br Mare Relaunch Statue of Liberty (USA) Refit Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Price Bloodstock VIC $36,000
W B Mare Spritely Girl Bel Esprit Gladden Tarcoola Stud, Mornington Withdrawn
62 B Mare Tears of Time Time Thief Tears of Argentina Tarcoola Stud, Mornington D J & K J Halliday SA $3,000
63 Br Mare Paydayada Artie Schiller (USA) Smooth Racer Owners D Loos VIC $7,000
64 B Filly Divajeu Hinchinbrook Ranchy (USA) Boynton Park Pty Ltd, Berry, NSW Vandisar Investments NSW $3,000
W B Mare Pria Eclipse Magnus Piccadilly Moon Owners Withdrawn
66 Gr Filly Concu Master of Design Paris Return (USA) Owners R Sutherland VIC $5,250
67 Ch Mare Turf Talk Turffontein Unshushable Forest Lodge Racing Pty Ltd, Miners Rest A Coffey VIC $20,000
68 B Filly Alexandra Demure More Than Ready (USA) Danehill Princess Owners Passed $26,000
Reserve $27,000
69 B Mare Egyptian Command Commands Zagazig (NZ) M. Phillips, Nar Nar Goon Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $12,000
70 B Mare Stiletto Lonhro Saddler's Silk M. Phillips, Nar Nar Goon Melbourne Bloodstock Vic VIC $32,000
71 Ch Mare Taylah's Secret Reset Secret Cove Epsom Lodge, Mornington Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $5,000
W B Mare Eolande Mossman Celtic Bloom Owners Withdrawn
73 B Filly Lucas Cranach (GER) Fine Arts Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty Passed $1,500
Reserve $5,000
74 Ch Mare Current Asset Flying Spur Cross Rate (IRE) Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $3,500
75 Ch Mare Secrets Kept Racer's Edge Shew Stone Basinghall Farm, Nagambie Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $7,500
76 B Gelding Temerity Nicconi Spring Collection Owners G James VIC $12,000
W Br Gelding Sutters Mill Northern Meteor Scenarama Owners Withdrawn
78 B/Br Gelding The Rocksinger Fastnet Rock Sianna's Song Sun Stud, Kerrie N Stewart NSW $3,200
79 B Gelding Brookwater Hinchinbrook Cathie's Lane Sun Stud, Kerrie S Mathrick VIC $14,000
W B Gelding One Over Rod Bel Esprit Amen Ruby Sun Stud, Kerrie Withdrawn
81 B Gelding Gagosian Beneteau Exhibit GSA Bloodstock Pty Ltd, Melbourne G Morgan NSW $12,500
82 B Gelding Firehouse Rock Fastnet Rock Bird of Fire (NZ) Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock, Ballan K Harris VIC $32,000
83 Ch Gelding Animal Kingdom (USA) Sussuro Owners G Lockwood VIC $3,000
84 B Colt Golden Spin Medaglia d'Oro (USA) Turnstiles (NZ) Owners Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $20,000
85 B Gelding Rugged Cross (GB) Cape Cross (IRE) Lunda (IRE) Yulong Park, Bayles M Ferrier VIC $4,500
86 B Gelding Another Cocktail (GB) Dalakhani (IRE) Yummy Mummy (GB) Owners M Zohn QLD $3,000
87 Ch Gelding Time Walker Pentire (GB) Laebeel (NZ) Ultra Thoroughbreds, Kilmore L Russo VIC $5,500
88 B/Br Gelding Thermogenic Northern Meteor Artistique Ultra Thoroughbreds, Kilmore Passed $16,000
Reserve $30,000
89 Ch Gelding Prince Albert Magic Albert Alemar Ultra Thoroughbreds, Kilmore K Kelly VIC $2,500
W Ch Colt Evasive Witness Star Witness Peggie's Choice Ultra Thoroughbreds, Kilmore Withdrawn
91 B Gelding Forsyth (NZ) Nom du Jeu (NZ) Jane Jetson (NZ) Forest Lodge Racing Pty Ltd, Miners Rest Kendrick Racing Pty Ltd QLD $19,000
92 B Gelding Armada Fastnet Rock Procrastinate Forest Lodge Racing Pty Ltd, Miners Rest K Harris VIC $17,000
93 Ch Gelding Keep Not a Day Ad Valorem (USA) Snasta Forest Lodge Racing Pty Ltd, Miners Rest R Stephens VIC $12,500
94 Br Gelding Rufinson Nadeem Nepal T. Seymour, Sydney, NSW D R Stephens VIC $12,500
95 B Gelding I Am You Are Al Maher Bequia Beauty (USA) Owners G Morgan NSW $8,000
96 Ch Gelding Poyfection Sepoy Silvery Hill Owners D Matts NSW $8,000
W Br Gelding Back to Life Elvstroem No Limit Owners Withdrawn
W Ch Colt She Drives Mecrazy Husson (ARG) Lady Twain Montague Park, Sunbury Withdrawn
W Br Gelding Solid Rod Onemorenomore Drivel Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Withdrawn
100 Br Gelding Soviet Affair Sebring Vertefeuille Owners A Murphy VIC $750
W B Gelding My Dancing Duel (NZ) Duelled Mylor (NZ) Oakford Thoroughbred Farm, Maldon Withdrawn
102 B/Br Gelding Manhattan Gambler Manhattan Rain Roulettes Owners C Murnane NSW $10,000
103 Ch Gelding Statton Starcraft (NZ) Lady Danette Wellington Park Bloodstock, Moorooduc S Mathrick VIC $27,000
W B Gelding North of Hell Wanted Heigl K. Davis, Violet Town Withdrawn
105 Ch Colt Mulaazem Skywonkie Epsom Lodge, Mornington J Smith VIC $800
W B Gelding Bayfury Sunday Knight Furia T. & P. Reeve, Tallarook Withdrawn
107 B Gelding Sintara Keano (NZ) Salerity Star K. Skelton, Aspendale Passed $21,000
Reserve $25,000
108 Br Gelding Tuscarora Statue of Liberty (USA) Shanais K. Skelton, Aspendale J Manning NT $11,000
109 B Mare Solar Duchess Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Solar Antiquity Griffiths Training, Cranbourne Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $18,000
110 Br Mare Maldicion Domesday Aemilee ATIS Pty Ltd, Melbourne Byerley Trading Pty Ltd NSW $2,000
111 B Mare Dollar d'Amour Peintre Celebre (USA) Robin's Nest (JPN) J. Dimery, Macedon J Smith VIC $400
112 B Mare Cameo Kiss Purrealist Cameo Minx Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel PD & PM Gray QLD $1,600
113 B Mare Lustful Thoughts Dane Shadow Lust Laming Racing, Clyde J Quattrone VIC $400
114 B Mare Miss Helga (IRE) Alzao (USA) Sister Golden Hair (IRE) Sun Stud, Kerrie Belmont Bloodstock Agency P/L (FBAA) VIC $2,800
115 Gr Mare Distinctly (IRE) Sadler's Wells (USA) Infamy (IRE) Sun Stud, Kerrie Canning Downs Pty Ltd QLD $1,600
116 B Mare Social Glow Aghaadir (USA) Socially Sun Stud, Kerrie J Smith VIC $800
117 B Mare(+) Melodious Lucky Owners (NZ) Molly Singer Sun Stud, Kerrie D Chambers VIC $3,000
118 B Mare(+) Agnus Dei Desert Prince (IRE) Hosannah Sun Stud, Kerrie Keirabri Stud NSW $7,000
119 B Mare Fit for a Queen (IRE) Montjeu (IRE) Mona Lisa (GB) Sun Stud, Kerrie Ribblesdale Stud VIC $2,000
120 B/Br Mare(+) My Daanah Old Deuteronomy (USA) Doojah Sun Stud, Kerrie Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $4,000
121 B Mare(+) Voices of Spring Danerich La Carnessa (NZ) Sun Stud, Kerrie Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $26,000
122 B Mare Oscar Dreams Redoute's Choice Snippets' Jewel Sun Stud, Kerrie D Reid VIC $4,800
123 B/Br Mare Wintonia Domesday Coupe J. Sweeney & Partners, Melbourne Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $5,000
W Ch Mare Miss Panthera Hold That Tiger (USA) Whist Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Withdrawn
W Gr Mare Moon Glitter Arena All Aglimmer Chatswood Stud, Seymour Withdrawn
W B Colt Chivalry Street Cry (IRE) World Peace Yulong Park, Bayles Withdrawn
127 Br Colt Captain Gerrard (IRE) La Vie Esprit Wyndholm Park, Ballarat J Smith VIC $1,000
128 Blk Filly Harbour Watch (IRE) My Daanah Sun Stud, Kerrie Passed $2,000
Reserve $3,000
129 B Filly Bel Esprit Akadiva Boneo Horse Ranch, Lower Plenty J Smith VIC $1,900
130 B Mare Nimberly Duke of Marmalade (IRE) Pemberly P. Morley, Clarkefield PD & PM Gray QLD $1,600
131 B Filly Go Demi Gonski Upon Demand Owners PD & PM Gray QLD $1,200
132 Ch Filly Penny Gambler Krupt Morethanapenny Owners P Cole NT $4,000
133 Br Filly Skilled Jaywalk Owners PD & PM Gray QLD $1,200
134 B/Br Mare Davaluri Statue of Liberty (USA) Lang Loi (NZ) Price Bloodstock Management, Hong Kong C J Cassar Racing Stables VIC $3,200
135 Gr Mare Seattle Flight Malibu Moon (USA) Cozy Deal (USA) Owners (To dissolve a partnership) P Whelan NSW $20,000
136 Br/Blk Mare Monaco Countess Monaco Consul (NZ) Blessed Mary Valley View Heights Management Services Pty Ltd, Gold Coast, Qld J Robinson VIC $2,500
137 B Mare Bella Venus Big Brown (USA) Bellasham Owners Yu Long Investments (Australia) Pty Ltd VIC $4,000
138 B Filly Stratum Drifting Ice Owners (To dissolve a partnership) J Hadow VIC $2,600
139 B Filly She's a Fireball Northern Meteor Noble Concubine Sun Stud, Kerrie PD & PM Gray QLD $1,800
140 Br Mare Remorse Commands Guilt Laming Racing, Clyde Melbourne Bloodstock Vic VIC $10,000
141 Br Filly Splash Headline Manhattan Rain Simply Put Owners Vandisar Investments NSW $4,000
142 B Filly Moonlight Kiss Power of Destiny Nickname (NZ) Owners Ron Johnson Bloodstock VIC $2,500
143 Ch Mare Parallel Lines Mossman Media Storm Owners Next Level Bloodstock VIC $19,000
144 B Filly Tan Tat Wish Wanted Tan Tat Tess Owners PD & PM Gray QLD $2,250
145 Ch Filly Bonnies Journey Good Journey (USA) Bountiful Godda Owners (To dissolve a partnership) PD & PM Gray QLD $700
146 B Mare Sassy Rhonda King Cugat (USA) Red Rhonda R. Matthews, Romsey P Cole NT $7,000
W B Filly Dalalah Nadeem Ulfah Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Withdrawn
148 Ch Mare Startacular Star Witness Spurtacular Lass Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek PD & PM Gray QLD $700
149 B/Br Filly Sebrikka Sebring Sinikka Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Luskin Park Stud NSW $54,000
150 B Filly Hidden Away Sepoy Hides Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Miscellany Bloodstock VIC $44,000
W Ch Gelding Willie Safe Husson (ARG) Factor of Safety Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Withdrawn
152 B Gelding Lake Jackson Sebring Scenes Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek A Forster SA $21,000
153 Br Gelding Barjeel Foxwedge Te Akau Coup (NZ) Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Fairlands Thoroughbred Breeding & Racing TAS $58,000
154 B Gelding O'Fennessy Nicconi Galway Lass (NZ) Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Todd Balfour Racing VIC $3,500
155 Br Gelding Spring Action Nicconi By Her Smile (NZ) Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Luke Oliver Racing VIC $14,000
156 B/Br Gelding Sharif Nicconi Boardwalk Bell Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Kalange Racing NSW $5,500
157 B/Br Gelding Party Boy Artie Schiller (USA) Partywave Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek R Mutimer VIC $600
158 B Gelding Tommy Standup Hussonet (USA) Just Pete Lindsay Park Racing, Creightons Creek Wilde Racing Pty Ltd VIC $11,000
159 B Gelding Secateur (GB) Danehill Dancer (IRE) Rose Cut (IRE) Ravenswood Bloodstock, Moss Vale, NSW Next Level Bloodstock VIC $12,000
W B Colt Astley Exceed and Excel Theatre School (IRE) Yulong Park, Bayles Withdrawn
W B Gelding Trending Hard Roman Emperor (NZ) Swissac Malua Racing, Melbourne Withdrawn
162 B Gelding Laser Sight High Chaparral (IRE) Infrared Owners Alicia Willick Racing Stables QLD $24,000
163 B/Br Colt Watch My Shadow Dane Shadow Watches Owners C Scott VIC $3,500
164 B Gelding Landslide (NZ) Postponed (USA) Political Princess Owners T Coyle NSW $3,000
165 B Gelding Limestone Cowboy Lucky Owners (NZ) Kiss Me Sophie Owners Kendrick Racing Pty Ltd QLD $32,000
166 B/Br Gelding Orleans Snitzel Take Charge Owners Rocky J QLD $5,000
167 Br/Blk Gelding Winslow Stratum Perfect Stranger Owners P Charlton VIC $800
168 Br Gelding Kingston Arlington My Pirouette Owners J Terlich NSW $7,500
169 Ch Gelding Zee Zeely (GB) Champs Elysees (GB) Zee Zee Gee (GB) Owners Todd Balfour Racing VIC $19,000
170 B Gelding Zartini Bernardini (USA) Zutara Owners (To dissolve a partnership) J Sadler Aquanita VIC $24,000
171 B Gelding Precision Timing Duporth Miss Finch Owners A Vanderfeen VIC $10,000
W B/Br Colt San Marco Smart Missile April in Venice Owners Withdrawn
W B/Br Colt Force Pierro Hosiery Owners Withdrawn
W Ch Colt National Flag Starspangledbanner Sky Rubi Owners Withdrawn
W B Colt King Ranch Snitzel Miss Iguacu Owners Withdrawn
W Ch Colt Dance Corp (NZ) Snitzel Dance My Dance (IRE) Owners Withdrawn
177 Ch Gelding Rest Assured Not a Single Doubt Gabrieli Sun Stud, Kerrie Tess Wilkes Racing NSW $5,000
178 B Gelding Our Shanakee God's Own Thoressa Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Laming Racing / Scott Brunton VIC $3,000
179 Br Gelding Shuumatsu Any Given Saturday (USA) Tayashi Girl Owners A Biacsi VIC $2,000
180 B/Br Gelding Danish Diction Wordsmith Queen of Denmark Owners T Moloney QLD $6,500
181 Br Gelding Tyrannize (NZ) O'Reilly (NZ) Queen Sabeel (NZ) Owners B Reynolds NSW $29,500
182 B Gelding One Faster Lonhro Nun Faster Owners (To dissolve a partnership) G Clake / Homann Bloodstock NT $16,000
183 Ch Gelding Bajour (NZ) Volksraad (GB) Chita Rivera (NZ) Owners (To dissolve a partnership) Pritchard-Gordon Racing VIC $15,000
184 Br Gelding Overton Onyx Dubleo (USA) Yes Mistress Owners R Green VIC $3,000
185 B Gelding Vegas Ruler Casino Prince Dancer Owners R Hilton QLD $8,500
186 Br/Blk Colt Real Messi Hold That Tiger (USA) Real Return Owners A Vanderfeen VIC $8,500