2020 Scone Yearling Sale
5 July 2020

Lot Col Media Sex Sire Dam On Account Of Purchaser Purchaser Location Price
202 B Colt Bobby's Kitten (USA) Ocean Spray Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra Trevor Sutherland Racing / Wattle Bloodstock NSW $10,000
203 B/Br Colt Teofilo (IRE) Off and On (NZ) Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi Passed in —
Reserve $70,000
204 Br Filly Sooboog Oh My Papa Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone Cameron Crockett Racing NSW $25,000
206 Br Colt Counterattack Our Mercury (NZ) Kitchwin Hills, Scone Tom Nikolic Racing VIC $30,000
207 Br Gelding Pluck (USA) Our Seventh Heaven (NZ) K. Woods, Branxton Phillip Stokes Racing Pty Ltd VIC $20,000
208 Br Filly Panzer Division Paradise Lost (IRE) Vinery Stud, Scone Passed in —
Reserve $25,000
212 Br Filly Strada Reiby Royale Pracey Racing Stables, Clarendon J Manning NSW $7,000
213 B Colt Wandjina Rich Russian Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks J Benson NSW $25,000
214 B Colt More Than Ready (USA) Rosnaree (IRE) Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Edinburgh Park Stud NSW $21,000
215 B Colt Rubick Royal Emerger Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks D Moore NSW $52,000
216 B Colt Outreach Royal Rory Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra P Ryan / S Foster VIC $5,000
217 Br Filly All Too Hard Sagamiyna (FR) Vinery Stud, Scone Belannah Stud NSW $60,000
218 B Colt Foxwedge Santorini Miss Watagan Grange, Quorrobolong Kurrinda Bloodstock NSW $5,000
219 B Filly Epaulette Sassy Gal Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra M Mulholland NSW $4,000
220 B Colt Exosphere Save a Penny Waylon J Stud, Wamuran, Qld Hawkes Racing NSW $70,000
222 B Filly Rubick Sessantesimo Vinery Stud, Scone Passed in —
Reserve $45,000
223 B Colt Toronado (IRE) Settecento Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Hawkes Racing NSW $180,000
226 B/Br Colt Pride of Dubai Sheer Lightning Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone J Komorowski NSW $25,000
233 B Colt Outreach Solitaire Princess Murrulla Stud, Wingen Passed in —
Reserve $20,000
234 B Colt Eurozone Spirit Rock Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi P Clisby NSW $17,000
235 B Colt Foxwedge Stage Beauty Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone Payne Racing NSW $55,000
238 B/Br Filly Air Force Blue (USA) Staten Island (NZ) Monarch Stud, Muswellbrook Passed in —
Reserve $20,000
244 B Colt Your Song Tempting Lady Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi W Wilkes NSW $30,000
245 B Filly Adelaide (IRE) Ten Black Watagan Grange, Quorrobolong M Ball NSW $2,000
250 Ch Colt Starspangledbanner Whitehousewhispers Riversdale, Scone Hickman Racing NSW $55,000
253 Br Filly Star Witness Zarock Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Pride Racing Pty Ltd NSW $30,000
255 B/Br Colt Flying Artie Zulekha (NZ) Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone Wattle Bloodstock NSW $30,000
256 B Colt Sooboog Adizero Kitchwin Hills, Scone T Croft NSW $21,000
257 Ch Filly American Pharoah (USA) Amberio (NZ) Burke Bloodstock, Martindale Passed in —
Reserve $40,000
259 B Filly Press Statement Arziki Vinery Stud, Scone Australian Bloodstock NSW $30,000
261 B Colt Your Song Bay Trixie Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone Passed in —
Reserve $30,000
265 Br Filly Super One Bengal Angel Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone Jack High Lodge NSW $15,000
266 Br Filly Capitalist Best Behavior (CAN) Vinery Stud, Scone James Bennett Racing NSW $18,000
269 Ch Colt Choisir Bushnut Riversdale, Scone Hancox Bloodstock Pty Ltd VIC $16,000
271 B Filly All Too Hard Cara de Luna Murrulla Stud, Wingen Passed in —
Reserve $20,000
272 B Filly Star Turn Cash Crazy Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi Kanesoff NSW $10,000
274 Ch Filly Mikki Isle (JPN) Cedar Lane Torryburn Stud, Torryburn T Palmer NSW $10,000
278 Ch Filly Nicconi Chaste Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone John Thompson Racing Pty Ltd NSW $65,000
282 B Filly Scissor Kick Class Success Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks L Munce NSW $7,000
283 B Colt Shooting to Win Clear View Ambergate Farm, Scone Sam Kavanagh Racing NSW $12,000
284 B Filly Choisir Condolences Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks G, B & P Slattery / Salvador Bloodstock NSW $30,000
288 B Colt Nostradamus Dandy Roll Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone Simple Bloodstock Services HONG KONG $20,000
292 Br Colt Vancouver Dirty Vinery Stud, Scone Wattle Bloodstock NSW $60,000
293 B Filly Divine Prophet Dream to Succeed Ambergate Farm, Scone T Bateup NSW $4,000
296 Br Colt Super One Emerald Command Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra Passed in —
Reserve $10,000
298 Br Colt Flying Artie Estonian Princess Kitchwin Hills, Scone G Dorrstein NSW $17,000
301 Br Filly Odyssey Moon First Order Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra Cumani Racing Pty Ltd VIC $10,000
302 B Filly Star Turn Flagrant Riversdale, Scone M Kelly NSW $6,000
303 B Filly Dissident Flirty Gertey (NZ) Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks J Attard NSW $8,000
304 B Colt Super One Galileo's Choice Murrulla Stud, Wingen Passed in —
Reserve $20,000
305 B/Br Colt Foxwedge Gallivanter Cat (NZ) Riversdale, Scone Holdan NSW $8,000
307 B Filly All Too Hard Granados Vinery Stud, Scone G & C Pastoral Co Pty Ltd NT $40,000
308 B/Br Colt Odyssey Moon Gunhilda Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra Rod Northam Racing NSW $18,000
309 B Colt Star Witness Hats'n'heels Murrulla Stud, Wingen Passed in —
Reserve $10,000
312 Ch Colt Super One I Want You (NZ) Davali Thoroughbreds, Luskintyre Australian Bloodstock NSW $26,000
314 Br Filly Odyssey Moon In a Nutshell Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra W Austin NSW $4,000
316 B Filly Nicconi Is Amazing Kitchwin Hills, Scone Elite Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd NSW $45,000
319 Ch Filly Testa Rossa Joffa Rose Vinery Stud, Scone J Austin NSW $16,000
321 B Filly Panzer Division Kenzie Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi Darby Racing / Will Johnson Bloodstock NSW $20,000
322 Gr Colt Outreach Kyanne Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Jason Coyle Racing NSW $25,000
323 Ch Filly Exosphere L'Elegante Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Passed in —
Reserve $15,000
325 Br Colt Rich Enuff La Rossa Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale C Perry NSW $7,000
326 B Filly Mikki Isle (JPN) Lady Ice Murrulla Stud, Wingen Fry Racing QLD $8,000
327 B Colt Headwater Lady Lewinsky Vinery Stud, Scone Passed in —
Reserve $60,000
328 B Filly Deep Field Lady Mahler Fernrigg Farm, Denman Darby Racing / Will Johnson Bloodstock NSW $20,000
330 B/Br Filly Your Song Le Sillage Torryburn Stud, Torryburn J Azzopardi NSW $16,000
332 B Filly Dream Ahead (USA) Legal Eagle Fernrigg Farm, Denman Mathew Jackson NSW $2,000
334 B Filly Flying Artie Liddle Girl Barador Stud, Denman S Simpkins NSW $1,500
335 B Filly Press Statement Lightly Dusted Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Impact Thoroughbreds NSW $14,000
336 B Filly Star Turn Lionel Left Me Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Austin Racing NSW $15,000
339 Ch Colt Winning Rupert Love the Rock (NZ) Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone Yenrise Pty Ltd WA $40,000
341 B/Br Filly Panzer Division Macedon Lady Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale E Maalouf NSW $20,000
343 Ch Filly Star Witness Manhattan Light Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks Kendrick Racing / Clarke Bloodstock QLD $16,000
346 B Filly Pride of Dubai Mayotte Burke Bloodstock, Martindale H Choucair NSW $38,000
350 B Filly Divine Prophet Miss Danzka Vinery Stud, Scone W Wilkes NSW $12,000
356 Gr Filly The Factor (USA) Nikkirina Cressfield, Scone A McPhee NSW $48,000
357 B Colt Flying Artie Rafaela's Aim Bowness Stud, Young Endeavour Bloodstock NSW $10,000
359 B Colt Myboycharlie (IRE) Roman Goddess Bowness Stud, Young Payne Racing NSW $5,000
360 B/Br Filly Rubick Rosamini Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks Passed in —
Reserve $80,000
361 B Colt Your Song Songstar Bowness Stud, Young W Yin NSW $13,000
362 Ch Colt Stratum Star Turfsurfer Bowness Stud, Young Bimbadeen Park NSW $9,000
363 Ch Colt Super One Assasi Bowness Stud, Young Mitchell Bloodstock (FBAA) VIC $14,000
364 B Filly Flying Artie Babelicious Bowness Stud, Young Rod Northam Racing NSW $11,000
365 Br Filly Dissident Baptism Bowness Stud, Young Mr C L Perry NSW $10,500
366 B Colt Deep Field Diame Bowness Stud, Young Kendrick Racing/Clarke Bloodstock QLD $20,000
367 B Colt Myboycharlie (IRE) Duchess Daisy Bowness Stud, Young Payne Racing NSW $13,000
368 B Filly Flying Artie Holly Molly Bowness Stud, Young Minervini Racing Pty Ltd NSW $11,000
369 B Colt Sizzling In Other Words Bowness Stud, Young S Ruse NSW $8,000
370 Br Filly Your Song Isn't She Fabulous Bowness Stud, Young Withdrawn
373 B Filly Eurozone Maid of Lonhro Bowness Stud, Young Tamaqi Park NSW $3,000
374 Br Filly Unencumbered Messy Times Bowness Stud, Young D Binaisse VIC $25,000
375 B Filly Shamus Award Misstiflying Bowness Stud, Young Green Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd NSW $7,000