2020 Scone Yearling Sale
5 July 2020

Lot Col Media Sex Sire Dam On Account Of
201 Ch Colt Stratum Star Obstinate Lass Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
202 B Colt Bobby's Kitten (USA) Ocean Spray Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
203 B/Br Colt Teofilo (IRE) Off and On (NZ) Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
204 Br Filly Sooboog Oh My Papa Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
W Gr Colt Knight Exemplar Our Madison (CAN) Brisbane Meadows, Bungonia
206 Br Colt Counterattack Our Mercury (NZ) Kitchwin Hills, Scone
207 Br Gelding Pluck (USA) Our Seventh Heaven (NZ) K. Woods, Branxton
208 Br Filly Panzer Division Paradise Lost (IRE) Vinery Stud, Scone
209 B Filly Nicconi Piccadilly Widden Stud, Widden Valley
210 B Filly Your Song Poetess Glastonbury Farms, Scone
211 Ch Filly Choisir Quik Nu Chik Burke Bloodstock, Martindale
212 Br Filly Strada Reiby Royale Pracey Racing Stables, Clarendon
213 B Colt Wandjina Rich Russian Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
214 B Colt More Than Ready (USA) Rosnaree (IRE) Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
215 B Colt Rubick Royal Emerger Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
216 B Colt Outreach Royal Rory Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra
217 Br Filly All Too Hard Sagamiyna (FR) Vinery Stud, Scone
218 B Colt Foxwedge Santorini Miss Watagan Grange, Quorrobolong
219 B Filly Epaulette Sassy Gal Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
220 B Colt Exosphere Save a Penny Waylon J Stud, Wamuran, Qld
221 Br Colt Moshe Searching Sefton Park Thoroughbreds, Scone
222 B Filly Rubick Sessantesimo Vinery Stud, Scone
223 B Colt Toronado (IRE) Settecento Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
224 B Colt Wandjina Shaizar (GB) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
W B Filly Exosphere Shebrings Diamonds Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
226 B/Br Colt Pride of Dubai Sheer Lightning Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone
W Ch Filly Dream Ahead (USA) Shoosh Waylon J Stud, Wamuran, Qld
W Gr Filly Rubick Silver White Kanangra, Scone
229 B Colt Denman Single Melody Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
W B/Br Colt Foxwedge Sister Samantha Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
231 B Filly Outreach Snaffles Kanangra, Scone
232 B Filly Flying Artie Snow Robin Gea Park, Oakdale
233 B Colt Outreach Solitaire Princess Murrulla Stud, Wingen
234 B Colt Eurozone Spirit Rock Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
235 B Colt Foxwedge Stage Beauty Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone
236 Ch Colt Stratum Star Star of Lace Widden Stud, Widden Valley
237 Br Colt Divine Prophet Stars in Her Eyes (NZ) Elle's Lodge, Warral
238 B/Br Filly Air Force Blue (USA) Staten Island (NZ) Monarch Stud, Muswellbrook
239 B Filly Star Witness Storm Siren Widden Stud, Widden Valley
240 B Filly Real Impact (JPN) Sumptuous Burke Bloodstock, Martindale
241 Ch Filly Dawn Approach (IRE) Sweet and Vicious Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
242 B Filly Star Turn Talent Widden Stud, Widden Valley
243 Br Filly Albrecht Tamaart Kanangra, Scone
244 B Colt Your Song Tempting Lady Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
245 B Filly Adelaide (IRE) Ten Black Watagan Grange, Quorrobolong
246 Br Filly Smart Missile Tennessee Babe Chatsworth Park, Scone
247 B Colt Outreach Terhaab Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
248 Ch Colt Sooboog Turnitonmissy Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
249 B Filly Your Song Universal Girl Elle's Lodge, Warral
250 Ch Colt Starspangledbanner Whitehousewhispers Riversdale, Scone
251 B Filly Casino Prince Wooden Take It Kanangra, Scone
W Br/Blk Filly Shamus Award Yama Kumo Macquarie Stud, Wellington
253 Br Filly Star Witness Zarock Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
254 B Colt Counterattack Zeparty Sefton Park Thoroughbreds, Scone
255 B/Br Colt Flying Artie Zulekha (NZ) Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
256 B Colt Sooboog Adizero Kitchwin Hills, Scone
257 Ch Filly American Pharoah (USA) Amberio (NZ) Burke Bloodstock, Martindale
258 B Filly Panzer Division Andneedles (NZ) Sefton Park Thoroughbreds, Scone
259 B Filly Press Statement Arziki Vinery Stud, Scone
260 B Filly Smart Missile Bashful (NZ) Burke Bloodstock, Martindale
261 B Colt Your Song Bay Trixie Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone
262 Ch Colt Stratum Star Be Good Roseglen, Denman
263 Ch Filly Stratum Star Been Awakened Elle's Lodge, Warral
264 Ch Filly Headwater Bella Demure HP Thoroughbreds, Hilldale
265 Br Filly Super One Bengal Angel Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
266 Br Filly Capitalist Best Behavior (CAN) Vinery Stud, Scone
267 Ch Filly Headwater Brazilian Princess (NZ) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
268 B Colt Outreach Brooklyn Rain Widden Stud, Widden Valley
269 Ch Colt Choisir Bushnut Riversdale, Scone
270 B/Br Colt Adelaide (IRE) Cannon's Crown Chatsworth Park, Scone
271 B Filly All Too Hard Cara de Luna Murrulla Stud, Wingen
272 B Filly Star Turn Cash Crazy Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
273 Br Filly Super One Cashkalani Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
274 Ch Filly Mikki Isle (JPN) Cedar Lane Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
275 B/Br Filly Cable Bay (IRE) Chablis Glastonbury Farms, Scone
276 B Colt Outreach Chamber Music Kanangra, Scone
277 Ch Filly Star Witness Change Sister Widden Stud, Widden Valley
278 Ch Filly Nicconi Chaste Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
279 B Colt Hallowed Crown Cheyenne's Star (NZ) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
280 B Colt Outreach Chicago Widden Stud, Widden Valley
281 B Filly Star Turn Circle Game Widden Stud, Widden Valley
282 B Filly Scissor Kick Class Success Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
283 B Colt Shooting to Win Clear View Ambergate Farm, Scone
284 B Filly Choisir Condolences Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks
285 B Filly Star Witness Considerable Macquarie Stud, Wellington
W B Colt Bull Point Crimson Joy Foxhill, Tamworth
287 B Colt Al Maher Cunning Love Gea Park, Oakdale
288 B Colt Nostradamus Dandy Roll Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
289 B Colt Outreach Das Boss Roseglen, Denman
W Br/Blk Colt Artie Schiller (USA) Devil Miss Kitchwin Hills, Scone
291 B Filly Sooboog Diplomacia Burke Bloodstock, Martindale
292 Br Colt Vancouver Dirty Vinery Stud, Scone
293 B Filly Divine Prophet Dream to Succeed Ambergate Farm, Scone
294 Ch Filly Under the Louvre Elegant Angela Kanangra, Scone
295 Ch Colt Shooting to Win Elegant Rush Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
296 Br Colt Super One Emerald Command Neila Thoroughbreds, Cowra
297 B Filly Shamus Award Endearment (IRE) Widden Stud, Widden Valley
298 Br Colt Flying Artie Estonian Princess Kitchwin Hills, Scone
299 Br Filly Shamus Award Faker (NZ) Elle's Lodge, Warral
300 Br Filly Air Force Blue (USA) Fantasising Mane Lodge, Sutton
301 Br Filly Odyssey Moon First Order Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
302 B Filly Star Turn Flagrant Riversdale, Scone
303 B Filly Dissident Flirty Gertey (NZ) Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
304 B Colt Super One Galileo's Choice Murrulla Stud, Wingen
305 B/Br Colt Foxwedge Gallivanter Cat (NZ) Riversdale, Scone
W B Filly Denman Gibraltar's Gift Brisbane Meadows, Bungonia
307 B Filly All Too Hard Granados Vinery Stud, Scone
308 B/Br Colt Odyssey Moon Gunhilda Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
309 B Colt Star Witness Hats'n'heels Murrulla Stud, Wingen
W B Colt Epaulette I Am Indi Brisbane Meadows, Bungonia
311 B Colt Real Impact (JPN) I Love Friday Lime Country Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd, Burradoo
312 Ch Colt Super One I Want You (NZ) Davali Thoroughbreds, Luskintyre
313 Br Filly Kiss and Make Up Ice Cold Crownie Mane Lodge, Sutton
314 Br Filly Odyssey Moon In a Nutshell Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
315 B Colt Exosphere In Jest Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
316 B Filly Nicconi Is Amazing Kitchwin Hills, Scone
317 Ch Colt Foxwedge Itamay Lime Country Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd, Burradoo
318 B Filly Artie Schiller (USA) Jalaurabel Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
319 Ch Filly Testa Rossa Joffa Rose Vinery Stud, Scone
320 B Colt Smart Missile Katie Kerfuffle B. & J. Moore, Oberon
321 B Filly Panzer Division Kenzie Goodwood Farm, Murrurundi
322 Gr Colt Outreach Kyanne Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
323 Ch Filly Exosphere L'Elegante Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
W B Colt Territories (IRE) La Bellamour Brisbane Meadows, Bungonia
325 Br Colt Rich Enuff La Rossa Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale
326 B Filly Mikki Isle (JPN) Lady Ice Murrulla Stud, Wingen
327 B Colt Headwater Lady Lewinsky Vinery Stud, Scone
328 B Filly Deep Field Lady Mahler Fernrigg Farm, Denman
329 Ch Colt Dream Ahead (USA) Lady Susannah Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
330 B/Br Filly Your Song Le Sillage Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
331 B Colt Air Force Blue (USA) Ledecky's Girl (NZ) Lime Country Thoroughbreds Pty Ltd, Burradoo
332 B Filly Dream Ahead (USA) Legal Eagle Fernrigg Farm, Denman
333 B Filly Territories (IRE) Leyenda Kanangra, Scone
334 B Filly Flying Artie Liddle Girl Barador Stud, Denman
335 B Filly Press Statement Lightly Dusted Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
336 B Filly Star Turn Lionel Left Me Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
W B Colt Shooting to Win Little Geisha (NZ) Sefton Park Thoroughbreds, Scone
338 B Colt Exosphere Loose'n'lovely (NZ) Chatsworth Park, Scone
339 Ch Colt Winning Rupert Love the Rock (NZ) Ashleigh Thoroughbreds, Scone
340 Ch Filly Scissor Kick Lucky Lona B. & J. Moore, Oberon
341 B/Br Filly Panzer Division Macedon Lady Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale
W B Colt Star Turn Madame Zara Vinery Stud, Scone
343 Ch Filly Star Witness Manhattan Light Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks
344 B Filly Wandjina Marmaduke's Lady Chatsworth Park, Scone
345 B Colt Albrecht Maryann Sefton Park Thoroughbreds, Scone
346 B Filly Pride of Dubai Mayotte Burke Bloodstock, Martindale
347 B Filly Animal Kingdom (USA) Menage a Charge HP Thoroughbreds, Hilldale
348 B Filly Shamus Award Mick's Mantle Widden Stud, Widden Valley
349 B Gelding Casino Prince Midnight Pearl Elswick Park, Walcha
350 B Filly Divine Prophet Miss Danzka Vinery Stud, Scone
351 Ch Filly Winning Rupert Miss Emily Mane Lodge, Sutton
352 Br Colt Shamus Award Miss Hellraiser Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
353 Ch Filly Starspangledbanner Miss January Kanangra, Scone
W B Colt Cable Bay (IRE) Miss Provocative Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale
W B Colt Sooboog Monaco Doll (NZ) Kitchwin Hills, Scone
356 Gr Filly The Factor (USA) Nikkirina Cressfield, Scone
357 B Colt Flying Artie Rafaela's Aim Bowness Stud, Young
W B Filly Panzer Division Real Calm Hawthorn Stud, Bowning
359 B Colt Myboycharlie (IRE) Roman Goddess Bowness Stud, Young
360 B/Br Filly Rubick Rosamini Jazcom Thoroughbreds, The Oaks
361 B Colt Your Song Songstar Bowness Stud, Young
362 Ch Colt Stratum Star Turfsurfer Bowness Stud, Young
363 Ch Colt Super One Assasi Bowness Stud, Young
364 B Filly Flying Artie Babelicious Bowness Stud, Young
365 Br Filly Dissident Baptism Bowness Stud, Young
366 B Colt Deep Field Diame Bowness Stud, Young
367 B Colt Myboycharlie (IRE) Duchess Daisy Bowness Stud, Young
368 B Filly Flying Artie Holly Molly Bowness Stud, Young
369 B Colt Sizzling In Other Words Bowness Stud, Young
W Br Filly Your Song Isn't She Fabulous Bowness Stud, Young
371 B/Br Colt Holler Longchamp Belle Riverina Downs, Tarcutta
372 B/Br Filly Your Song Maghreb Riverina Downs, Tarcutta
373 B Filly Eurozone Maid of Lonhro Bowness Stud, Young
374 Br Filly Unencumbered Messy Times Bowness Stud, Young
375 B Filly Shamus Award Misstiflying Bowness Stud, Young
376 Ch Colt Jimmy Creed (USA) Misty Donna S. Taylor, Tarcutta