2021 Australian Weanling Sale
6 May 2021

Lot Col Media Sex Sire Dam On Account Of
1 Ch Colt Justify (USA) Tails Wins Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
2 B Filly Akeed Mofeed (GB) That Rings a Bell Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
3 B Colt Super One The Look of Love Mane Lodge, Sutton
W B/Br Colt Russian Revolution The Summit Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
5 Ch Colt Shooting to Win Tiger Eyes Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
6 B Filly Harry Angel (IRE) Tiny Taj B2B Thoroughbreds, Mittagong
7 Ch Colt Justify (USA) Took (USA) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
8 Br Colt So You Think (NZ) Touch of Greatness Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
9 B Filly Smart Missile True Course (GB) Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
10 Ch Colt Shooting to Win Typecast Fernrigg Farm, Denman
11 B Colt Extreme Choice Universal Moon Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
12 Ch Colt No Nay Never (USA) Vormista Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
13 Ch Colt Pariah Walklikeanegyptian Vinery Stud, Scone
14 B Filly Exosphere Wind Shift Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic
15 Br Filly Brave Smash (JPN) With a Bit of Dash Willow Park Stud, Scone
16 B Filly Super One Worth a Fortune Mane Lodge, Sutton
17 B Filly American Pharoah (USA) Yulong Space Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
18 B/Br Colt Pride of Dubai Yuma Desert Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
19 Br Colt So You Think (NZ) Zablitz Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
20 B Colt Mendelssohn (USA) Zhen Zhen Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
21 Blk Filly Fiorente (IRE) A Good Heart Mane Lodge, Sutton
22 Ch Filly Divine Prophet A la Luna (USA) Willow Park Stud, Scone
23 Ch Colt Rubick A Spotte of Magic Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
24 B Filly Jukebox Absolutlypositivly Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
25 Ch Colt Santos Adorent Fairview Park Stud, Grose Wold
26 B Colt Prized Icon Agueda Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
27 B/Br Filly Pride of Dubai Airlie Avenue (NZ) Kingstar Farm, Denman
28 B/Br Colt Pride of Dubai Allez France Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
29 Br Colt Inference Amnesiac Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
30 B Filly Saxon Warrior (JPN) Aneto Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
31 Ch Colt Shooting to Win Annifrid Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
32 B Colt Exceed and Excel Antarctic Dream Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
33 B/Br Filly Odyssey Moon Apercu Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
34 Ch Filly Rubick Arabian Beauty Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
35 B/Br Filly Denman Artielicious Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
36 B Colt Vancouver Artwear Noogee Park, Scone
W B Filly Merchant Navy Ashlee Marie Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
38 Br/Blk Filly Sepoy Benedictus Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
W Ch Filly Capitalist Berenice Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
40 Ch Colt Justify (USA) Berrimilla Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
41 B Filly Odyssey Moon Big on Bling Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
42 Br Filly Epaulette Black Canary Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks
43 Blk Filly Grunt (NZ) Black Pearl (NZ) Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
44 Ch Filly Written By Blue Ocean Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
45 Ch Filly Nicconi Bo Rossa Holbrook Thoroughbreds, Scone
46 Br Filly Capitalist Botricello Kingstar Farm, Denman
47 B/Br Filly Trapeze Artist Bridle Lane Lustre Lodge, Alison
48 B Filly Stratum Star Brisse Murrulla Stud, Wingen
W B/Br Colt Kermadec (NZ) Broadway Harmony Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
50 Ch Filly Performer Brumbies Magic Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
51 B Colt Pride of Dubai Bulle de Champagne (IRE) Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
52 B Colt Rubick Buon Auspicio Noogee Park, Scone
53 B Colt Super One Buxom Babe Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
54 Br Colt Brazen Beau Caesarissa Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
55 B Filly Rubick Calpe Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
56 B Colt Capitalist Carry on Cutie Davali Thoroughbreds, Luskintyre
57 B Filly Kermadec (NZ) Catch a Wave Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
58 Br Filly Invader Cathy's Mark Willow Park Stud, Scone
59 B Filly Pride of Dubai Chant of God Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
60 Ch Colt Winning Rupert Chimerique Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
61 Br Filly Impending China Road Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
62 B Colt Pariah Ciavenna (IRE) Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
63 B Filly Flying Artie Cinnamon Dove (USA) Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
64 B Filly Rubick Cinq Rouge Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
65 B Colt Written By Colosimo Willow Park Stud, Scone
66 Ch Filly Super One Concealment Murrulla Stud, Wingen
67 Ch Colt Capitalist Consolari Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
68 B Filly Headwater Convene Vinery Stud, Scone
69 B Filly Churchill (IRE) Cornflower Blue Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
70 B/Br Filly Russian Revolution Craft Show (USA) Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
71 B Colt Merchant Navy Crazyonyou Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
72 B Filly Akeed Mofeed (GB) Crozette (USA) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
73 B Colt Hellbent Crystal Club Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
74 B Filly Supido Cuckoo Redbank North, Harden
75 B Filly Vancouver Dances on Waves Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
W B Filly No Nay Never (USA) Delta Girl (NZ) Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
77 B Filly Lean Mean Machine Diamond Valley Willow Park Stud, Scone
78 B Filly Cable Bay (IRE) Distraught B2B Thoroughbreds, Mittagong
W Ch Filly Pride of Dubai Divided House Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
80 B Colt Russian Revolution Divine Messenger B2B Thoroughbreds, Mittagong
81 B Filly Rubick Doctrine Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
82 Ch Colt American Pharoah (USA) Dreams of Paris Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
83 Ch Filly Mendelssohn (USA) Elite Circle Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
84 B Filly Written By Estelle Davali Thoroughbreds, Luskintyre
85 Br Colt Performer Exclusive Love (USA) Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
86 Br Filly Prized Icon Facepalm Redbank North, Harden
87 Br Colt Harry Angel (IRE) Faith in My Redbank North, Harden
88 B Colt Hellbent Family Crest (NZ) Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks
89 B Filly Capitalist Fashion Model Kingstar Farm, Denman
90 B Filly Churchill (IRE) Feirin Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
91 B Filly Shooting to Win Fern Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
92 B Colt Justify (USA) Fine Scent Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
93 B Colt Flying Artie Flying Attitude Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale
W B Filly More Than Ready (USA) Follonica Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
95 B Filly Merchant Navy Forgotten Dreams (IRE) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
96 B/Br Filly Harry Angel (IRE) Friendly Donna Macquarie Stud, Wellington
97 B Filly Russian Revolution Fully Chargeable Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
98 B Filly Toronado (IRE) Gagliano Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic
99 Ch Filly Pride of Dubai Georgia Blues (NZ) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
100 B Colt Outreach Girls Got Rhythm Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
101 B Filly Rubick Gold Bangle (USA) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
102 B Colt Smart Missile Golden Phoenix (USA) Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
103 B Colt No Nay Never (USA) Got to be a Dream Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
104 B Filly Santos Green Mirage Mane Lodge, Sutton
105 Br Colt Lean Mean Machine Gwenella (IRE) Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
W B Colt Press Statement Gypsy Googol Vinery Stud, Scone
107 B Filly Divine Prophet Hi Belle Kingstar Farm, Denman
108 B Colt Saxon Warrior (JPN) Hidden Away Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic
W Br Filly Flying Artie Hidden Kisses Kingstar Farm, Denman
110 B Colt Shooting to Win High Class (NZ) Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic
111 B Colt Saxon Warrior (JPN) High Harmony (NZ) Redbank North, Harden
112 B Filly Brave Smash (JPN) How Discreet Bhima Thoroughbreds, Scone
113 Br Colt So You Think (NZ) Humble Lustre Lodge, Alison
114 B Colt Mendelssohn (USA) I Promise (USA) Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
115 Ch Colt Harry Angel (IRE) I Told Georgie Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
116 B Filly Pierro Identic Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
117 B Colt Press Statement Intastella Magic Kingstar Farm, Denman
118 B Filly Super One Jewel of Honour Fairview Park Stud, Grose Wold
119 B Colt Mendelssohn (USA) Joka Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
W B Filly Smart Missile Just a Girl Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
121 B Filly Deep Field Just as Cosmic Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
122 B Colt Snitzel Just Our Girl Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella, Vic
123 B Filly Outreach Kalia Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
124 B/Br Colt Capitalist Keeping Score (NZ) Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
125 B Filly Super One Kermis Davali Thoroughbreds, Luskintyre
126 B Colt Pariah Kikongo Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
127 B Colt Mendelssohn (USA) Kitty Leroy Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
128 B Colt Press Statement Klairefontein Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
129 Ch Filly Santos Kyria Willow Park Stud, Scone
130 Ch Colt Pariah La Face Mane Lodge, Sutton
131 B Colt Exosphere Laconic Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
132 Ch Colt Russian Revolution Lady Antebellum Kingstar Farm, Denman
133 B Colt Fastnet Rock Lady of Shalott Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
134 Ch Colt Mikki Isle (JPN) Laissez Faire Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
135 B/Br Colt Scissor Kick Larenco Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
136 B Colt Pariah Laughing Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale
137 B Colt Capitalist Laylia Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
138 B Filly Vancouver Lectrice Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
139 Br Colt Santos Lieoftheland (IRE) Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
140 B Filly No Nay Never (USA) Like a Song (IRE) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
141 B Filly Pride of Dubai Lil Red Corvette Tyreel Stud, Agnes Banks
142 Ch Colt Nicconi Lohan Noogee Park, Scone
143 B Colt Flying Artie Lucy's Legacy Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
144 B Colt Nicconi Ludka Tamac Stud Farm, Walcha
145 Br Filly Better Than Ready Lustful Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
146 B Filly Lean Mean Machine Ma Joie Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
147 B/Br Colt So You Think (NZ) Macattack Kingstar Farm, Denman
148 B Colt Grunt (NZ) Madam Delponte Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
149 Br Filly Smart Missile Madam Nash Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
150 B Filly Lean Mean Machine Madam Stryker Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
151 Br/Blk Colt Caravaggio (USA) Maewyn (IRE) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
152 Br Colt Pride of Dubai Magic Mouse Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
153 B Colt Vancouver Majesty Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
154 B Colt Smart Missile Major Conquest Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
155 B Filly Star Turn Malacca Cane Vinery Stud, Scone
156 Ch Colt Capitalist Malakiya Tamac Stud Farm, Walcha
157 Ch Filly Written By Manhattan Light Kingstar Farm, Denman
158 B Colt Shalaa (IRE) Marsh Bhima Thoroughbreds, Scone
159 Ch Filly Dissident Masked Romance Tamac Stud Farm, Walcha
160 B Filly Saxon Warrior (JPN) Matrimony Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
161 B Filly Merchant Navy McCartney (NZ) Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
162 B/Br Colt Impending Mean Louise Murrulla Stud, Wingen
163 B Filly Russian Revolution Meiji Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
164 B Colt Shooting to Win Midnight Reigns Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
165 B Filly Churchill (IRE) Miss Concorde (IRE) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
166 B Colt Star Turn Miss Danzka Vinery Stud, Scone
167 Ch Filly Capitalist Miss Fiesole Kingstar Farm, Denman
168 B Filly Denman Miss Rendina Tamac Stud Farm, Walcha
169 B Colt Choisir Mist (IRE) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
170 Ch Filly Saxon Warrior (JPN) Misty Rock Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
171 Br Colt So You Think (NZ) Molly Rocks Noogee Park, Scone
172 B Colt Charge Forward Money Wanted Vinery Stud, Scone
173 B Colt Performer Motivation (USA) Willow Park Stud, Scone
174 Ch Filly Rubick Nardoo Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
175 Br Filly Your Song Nice Lines (NZ) Edinglassie Stud, Muswellbrook
176 Br Filly Ribchester (IRE) Northern Cath Fernrigg Farm, Denman
177 Ch Filly Justify (USA) Now Now Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
178 B Filly So You Think (NZ) O'Couney (NZ) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
179 B Colt Brave Smash (JPN) Olympic Medal (USA) Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
180 Ch Colt Capitalist One More Tequila Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
181 B Colt Lord Kanaloa (JPN) Or Fin (JPN) Willow Park Stud, Scone
182 B Colt Supido Orcym Redbank North, Harden
183 B Colt Sooboog Our Abbey Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
184 Ch Filly Shooting to Win Our Lonnie Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
185 B Filly Russian Revolution Overjoyed (NZ) Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
186 B/Br Filly Deep Field Paeroa Gold Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
187 B Filly Winning Rupert Parjinka Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
188 Ch Filly Territories (IRE) Pellicle Fernrigg Farm, Denman
189 B Colt Pride of Dubai Petite Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic
190 B/Br Filly Denman Picardy Rose Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
191 B Colt Shalaa (IRE) Pink Ice Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
W B Colt Hellbent Plenty to Like Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
193 B Colt Encryption Portare Murrulla Stud, Wingen
194 B Filly Flying Artie Potluck Kingstar Farm, Denman
195 B Colt Mendelssohn (USA) Powerplay (NZ) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
196 Ch Filly Divine Prophet Princess Henrietta Noogee Park, Scone
197 B Colt Grunt (NZ) Princess Peggy Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
198 B Filly Hellbent Private Dancer Yarraman Park Stud, Scone
199 B Colt Flying Artie Punch the Clock Tamac Stud Farm, Walcha
200 B Colt Russian Revolution Pure Purity (CAN) Vinery Stud, Scone
201 Ch Colt Written Tycoon Queen of the Air Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
202 Ch Colt Winning Rupert Queenie (NZ) Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
203 B Filly Swear Ramsey's Bet (USA) Kingstar Farm, Denman
204 B Colt Shalaa (IRE) Ravishing Choice Davali Thoroughbreds, Luskintyre
W B/Br Filly Epaulette Red Fuschia Willow Park Stud, Scone
206 B Colt Smart Missile Red Pointes Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
207 B Filly Vancouver Red Typhoon Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
208 B Colt Spieth (NZ) Regal Flute Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
209 B Colt Hellbent Rhiannon (NZ) Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
210 Ch Colt Trapeze Artist River Drift (NZ) Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
211 Br Colt Shalaa (IRE) River Run Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
212 Ch Filly Star Turn Rock Me Baby Vinery Stud, Scone
213 Br Filly Pride of Dubai Roman Sandals Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
214 B Colt Written By Rose Ransom Fernrigg Farm, Denman
215 B Filly Churchill (IRE) Rose Red Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
216 B Filly Super One Rosetta's Comet Tamac Stud Farm, Walcha
217 B Filly Shooting to Win Royal Reign (NZ) Redbank North, Harden
218 B Filly Nicconi Run Sally Run Macquarie Stud, Wellington
219 B Colt Impending Sandida Redbank North, Harden
220 Br Filly Invader Sarcastic Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
221 B Colt Menari Sasuka (IRE) Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
222 B Filly So You Think (NZ) Satirical Lady Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
223 B Colt Pride of Dubai Satirical Lass Fairhill Farm, Mulbring
224 Ch Colt Harry Angel (IRE) Sayuri San Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
225 Ch Colt Capitalist Seeking Susan Kingstar Farm, Denman
226 B Filly Better Than Ready Sellout Redbank North, Harden
227 Br Filly Harry Angel (IRE) Sent From Above Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
228 B/Br Colt Press Statement Sevini Fernrigg Farm, Denman
229 Ch Filly Highland Reel (IRE) Sew it Seams Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley, Vic
230 B Filly Invader Sha la La Bhima Thoroughbreds, Scone
231 Br Filly Smart Missile Shahrazad Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
232 B Filly Santos Shaizar (GB) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
233 B Filly Reward for Effort Shoshana Rose Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
234 Ch Colt Super One Sirindhorn Tamac Stud Farm, Walcha
235 B Filly Rubick Sleek Cannon Hayes Stud, Scone
236 Gr Colt All Too Hard Snow Spell (GB) Noogee Park, Scone
237 B Filly Russian Revolution So Delicious Kingstar Farm, Denman
238 Br Colt Invader So Far Sokool (NZ) Willow Park Stud, Scone
239 Br Filly Epaulette South in Dixie (USA) Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale
240 Gr Filly Written Tycoon Spectacular Vision (NZ) Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
241 B Filly Capitalist Spring Tempest (CAN) Newgate Consignment, Aberdeen
242 B Colt Rubick Stars are Out Coolmore Stud, Jerrys Plains
243 B Filly Spirit of Boom Streama Murrulla Stud, Wingen
244 Br Filly Brave Smash (JPN) Summer Fun Valiant Stud, Aberdeen
245 Ch Filly Written By Suziqueue Torryburn Stud, Torryburn
246 B Colt Real Steel (JPN) Sweet and Vicious Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
247 Br Colt Spirit of Boom Swiftly Red Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella, Vic
248 B Filly Odyssey Moon Swish Twin Hills Stud, Cootamundra
249 B Colt Star Turn Testarette Lustre Lodge, Alison
W B Colt Santos Very Bright Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
251 B Colt Super One Vintage Luxe Lustre Lodge, Alison
252 B Colt Outreach Avanzar Corumbene Stud, Dunedoo
W B Colt Shamus Award Belavynshi (NZ) Vinery Stud, Scone
W Gr Filly Divine Prophet Bokissa Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
255 B Colt Outreach Emissary Corumbene Stud, Dunedoo
256 Br Colt Pride of Dubai Kylie Corumbene Stud, Dunedoo
257 B Colt Outreach Look Out Baby (USA) Corumbene Stud, Dunedoo
258 B Filly Invader Louisiana Belle (NZ) Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
259 B Colt Brave Smash (JPN) Mizar Alcor Toolooganvale Farm, Scone
W B Colt Hallowed Crown Nai'a Vinery Stud, Scone
261 B Filly Flying Artie Ragnhild Glen Gallic Stud, Martindale
262 Br Filly Astern Refuge Bay Lustre Lodge, Alison
263 Ch Filly Showtime Shrapelli Middlebrook Valley Lodge, Scone
W Br Filly Astern Stellaris Vinery Stud, Scone