For your guidance the following conditions apply for bloodstock purchased through our sale complexes at Riverside or Oaklands Junction:

  1. Interest Rate on Application
  2. Residual - 25%
  3. Term - 36 months
  4. Repayments annually in advance
  5. Full insurance cover over the horse
  6. Full financial information required from Accountants confirming Asset and Liability position and ability to meet lease rentals
  7. Personal guarantees required where leasing is in a company name
  8. Master lease format is used to enable multiple purchases on different dates
  9. Full bank report on lessee/s
  10. Identification documentation sufficient to meet the requirements of the AML/CTF Act

A copy of the lease documentation will be supplied on request.

In the event of you requiring any further assistance please contact:

Andrew Munce

Ph 02 9399 7999


All enquiries will be treated confidentially

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