Types of Cover Available

All Risks of Mortality & Theft

  • Racehorses - Flatracers & Hurdlers
  • Stallions
  • Broodmares
  • Yearlings
  • Foals from 24 hours after birth, or any time thereafter
  • Competition Horses

Policies are for a continuous period of 12 months, although policies of varying duration can be incepted, depending on your requirements.

Underwriters will indemnify you as Owner/Assured, in the event of the DEATH of your Horse due to accident, illness or disease and in the event of HUMANE EUTHANASIA due to injury/accident or illness/disease. In the case of Humane Euthanasia, you are insured where:

  • The Underwriters have expressly agreed to the destruction of your horse, or
  • Your horse suffers an injury or is afflicted with an excessively painful disease and a qualified Veterinary Surgeon certifies that the suffering is incurable and so excessive that immediate destruction is imperative for humane reasons.

Death or Humane Euthanasia must occur during the Period of Insurance, or within the extension period as noted in the Policy.


Underwriters will indemnify you as Owner/Assured in the event, during the period of insurance, of :

  • THEFT of your horse, or
  • DEATH directly resulting from the theft of your horse, or
  • DEATH or permanent LOSS OF POSSESSION directly resulting from the UNLAWFUL REMOVAL of your horse, or
  • Malicious or willful CASTRATION by or on behalf of those responsible for the unlawful removal of your horse.

Life Saving Surgery Cover

This is an extension to the mortality and theft policy and will cover you for up to $10,000 in veterinary costs associated with surgical procedures carried out under general anesthesia to save the life of the insured horse including after care for up to 15 days from the time of surgery.

Foals aged less than 120 days are excluded.

Unborn/Prospective Foal (from a 42 day positive pregnancy test) to:

Prospective Foal Wording

  • 30 days after birth
  • 6 or 12 months after birth

Extended Foal Policy

  • One continuous mortality policy anytime from 24 hours after birth until sale as a yearling
  • Maximum protection against death
  • Very attractive premium rates

Transits - both local and international

Underwriters will indemnify you as Owner/Assured in the event of DEATH of your horse as a result of an accident/injury sustained during transits (road, air - whether local or international) during the period of insurance.

Stallion Insurance

There are a range of covers available for your stallion:

  • First Season Congenital Infertility
  • Stallion Permanent Disability (due to Accidents, Sickness or Disease)
  • Stallion Loss of Income
  • Stallion Availability
  • Frustration of Import/Export

Broodmare Barrenness

Underwriters will indemnify you as Owner/Assured in the event that your mare doesn't get in foal, including the death of the covering stallion.

Premium Funding

You can pay your insurance premium in monthly instalments, thereby improving your cash flow and preserving your working capital. Premium funding is cost effective with credit charges comparable to conventional loan sources and no on-going loan service fees.

Interest is fixed for the term of the loan and depending on your status any interest paid can be tax deductible.

Inglis recommend Attvest Finance and can arrange a premium funding quotation on your behalf.

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