Inglis Travel Services

To make your visit to our Riverside Stables and/or Oaklands complexes comfortable and enjoyable, Inglis has a dedicated travel manager, Cian Voets, to provide you with all your travel needs.

Inglis Travel will quote and book the most economical fare from selected major airlines.

To make a reservation for the 2020 Inglis Sale series, please contact Cian Voets during the business hours below.

Inglis Preferred Hotels
To view the list of Inglis' preferred hotels, convenient to the Riverside Stables (Warwick Farm, NSW) complex and Oaklands (VIC) complex click here.

Travel Edge
Hours of operation: 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday
P: +61 2 9080 1769
F: +61 2 9080 1777

International Investment Subsidy

To view the 2020 International Investment Subsidy form click here

Australian Investment Subsidy

To view the 2020 Australian Investment Subsidy form click here

Trainer & Agent's 1% Rebate

To view the 2020 Trainer & Agent's 1% Rebate form click here

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