Oaklands Junction
4, 5, 6, 7 March 2018

2018 Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale

Lot Index

Session Lots
12noon, Day 1, Book 1, 4th March 2018 1 - 117
Blue Riband Session, Day 1, 4th March 2018 118 - 160
11am, Day 2, Book 1, 5th March 2018 161 - 362
11am, Day 3, Book 1, 6th March 2018 363 - 564
11am, Day 4, Book 2, 7th March 2018 565 - 770

Sale Overview

Siblings to the likes of Group 1 winners Happy Trails, Faint Perfume, Ortensia, Alinghi, Le Romain and Extreme Choice headline a stellar catalogue for the 2018 Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale, to be held from March 4-7.

The catalogue features 770 yearlings, 505 of which are Super VOBIS nominated and 339 BOBS eligible.

Of the 770, a total of 541 (70%) are Victorian-bred.

Among the catalogue are half or full relations to 88 Stakes winners, while progeny of 103 Stakes-winning mares are also included in the catalogue.

There are 120 stallions represented led by Written Tycoon (49), Toronado (44), Zoustar (39) and Reward For Effort (25) while 23% of the catalogue is filled by progeny of the 26 First Season Sires represented including Group 1 racetrack performers Puissance de Lune, Dissident, Proisir, Wandjina and Adelaide.

Day 1 will again feature the popular Blue Riband session, where 43 select yearlings which our Bloodstock team believe will make the best Classic and staying types will be offered.

The Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale will be held at Oaklands Junction from Sunday March 4 until Wednesday March 7, 2018.

Catalogue Index

Lot On Account Of
1 Sunhill Bloodstock, Springfield
2 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
3 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
4 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
5 Rushton Park, Tatura
6 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
7 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
8 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
9 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
10 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
11 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
12 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
13 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
14 Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas
15 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
16 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
W Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
18 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
19 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
20 Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ
21 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
22 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
23 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
24 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
25 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
26 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
27 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
28 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
29 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
30 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
31 Sun Stud, Kerrie
32 Bombora Downs, Bittern
33 Riversdale, Scone, NSW
34 Sun Stud, Kerrie
35 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
36 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
37 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
38 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
39 Riversdale, Scone, NSW
40 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
41 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
42 Rushton Park, Tatura
43 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
44 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
45 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
46 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
47 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
48 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
49 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
50 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
51 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
52 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
53 Springmount, Romsey
54 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
55 Sun Stud, Kerrie
56 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
57 Devon Park Stud, Lilydale
58 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
59 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
W Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
61 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
62 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
63 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
64 Bombora Downs, Bittern
65 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
66 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
67 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
68 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
69 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
70 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
71 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
72 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
73 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
74 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
75 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
76 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
77 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
78 Rangal Park Stud, Euroa
79 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
80 Glenelg Park, Euroa
81 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
82 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
83 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
84 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
85 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
86 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
87 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
88 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
89 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
90 Rushton Park, Tatura
91 Glastonbury Farms, Scone, NSW
92 Sun Stud, Kerrie
93 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
94 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
95 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
96 Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip
97 Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip
98 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
99 Springmount, Romsey
100 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
101 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
102 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
103 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
104 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
105 Sun Stud, Kerrie
106 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
W Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ
108 Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW
109 Rangal Park Stud, Euroa
110 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
111 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
112 Rushton Park, Tatura
113 Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas
114 Glastonbury Farms, Scone, NSW
115 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
W Merrivale Farm, Gooram
117 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
118 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
119 Highgrove Stud, Darling Downs, Qld
120 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
121 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
W Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ
123 Hillside Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
124 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
125 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
126 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
127 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
128 Springmount, Romsey
129 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
130 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
131 Springmount, Romsey
132 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
133 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
134 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
135 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
136 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
137 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
138 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
139 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
140 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
141 Windsor Park Stud, Cambridge, NZ
142 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
143 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
144 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
145 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
146 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
147 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
148 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
149 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
150 Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ
151 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
152 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
153 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
154 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
155 Sun Stud, Kerrie
156 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
157 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
158 Rushton Park, Tatura
W Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
160 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
161 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
162 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
163 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
164 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
165 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
166 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
167 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
168 Devon Park Stud, Lilydale
169 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
170 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
171 Sun Stud, Kerrie
172 Rushton Park, Tatura
173 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
174 Springmount, Romsey
175 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
176 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
177 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
W Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
179 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
180 Kedarona Stud, Catani
181 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
182 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
183 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
184 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
185 Sun Stud, Kerrie
186 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
187 Glastonbury Farms, Scone, NSW
W Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ
189 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
190 Glenelg Park, Euroa
191 Sun Stud, Kerrie
192 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
193 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
194 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
195 Glastonbury Farms, Scone, NSW
196 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
197 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
198 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
199 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
200 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
201 Glastonbury Farms, Scone, NSW
202 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
203 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
204 Sun Stud, Kerrie
205 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
206 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
207 Sun Stud, Kerrie
208 Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip
209 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
210 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
211 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
212 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
213 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
214 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
215 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
216 Sun Stud, Kerrie
217 Harvey Park, Werribee
218 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
219 Rushton Park, Tatura
W Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
221 Windsor Park Stud, Cambridge, NZ
222 Yulong Park, Bayles
W Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
224 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
225 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
226 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
227 Sun Stud, Kerrie
228 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
229 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
230 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
231 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
232 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
233 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
234 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
235 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
236 Sun Stud, Kerrie
237 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
238 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
239 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
240 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
241 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
242 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
243 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
244 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
245 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
246 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
247 Windsor Park Stud, Cambridge, NZ
248 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
249 Sun Stud, Kerrie
250 Grenville Stud, Whitemore, Tas
251 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
252 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
253 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
W Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
255 Kornong Station, Streatham
256 Kristenvale Stables, Shepparton
257 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
258 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
259 Sun Stud, Kerrie
260 Hillside Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
261 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
262 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
263 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
264 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
265 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
266 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
267 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
268 Sun Stud, Kerrie
269 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
270 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
271 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
272 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
273 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
274 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
275 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
276 Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas
277 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
278 Shadowbrook Bloodstock, Cannons Creek
279 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
280 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
W Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
282 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
283 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
W Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
285 Merrivale Farm, Gooram
286 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
287 Yulong Park, Bayles
288 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
289 Springmount, Romsey
290 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
291 Kornong Station, Streatham
W Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
293 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
294 Springmount, Romsey
295 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
296 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
297 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
298 Grenville Stud, Whitemore, Tas
299 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
300 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
301 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
302 Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip
303 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
304 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
305 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
306 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
307 Hillside Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
308 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
309 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
310 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
311 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
312 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
313 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
314 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
315 Merton Creek Thoroughbreds, Merton
316 Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW
317 Sun Stud, Kerrie
318 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
319 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
320 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
321 Glenelg Park, Euroa
322 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
323 Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW
324 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
325 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
326 Windsor Park Stud, Cambridge, NZ
327 Yulong Park, Bayles
328 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
329 Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW
330 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
331 Rushton Park, Tatura
W Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ
W Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
334 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
335 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
336 Rushton Park, Tatura
337 Sun Stud, Kerrie
338 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
339 Riversdale, Scone, NSW
340 Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip
341 Gooree Park Stud, Mudgee, NSW
342 Devon Park Stud, Lilydale
343 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
344 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
345 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
346 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
347 Hillside Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
348 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
349 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
350 Shadowbrook Bloodstock, Cannons Creek
351 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
352 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
353 Kornong Station, Streatham
354 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
355 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
W Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
357 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
358 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
359 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
W Chatswood Stud, Seymour
361 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
362 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
363 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
364 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
365 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
366 Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas
367 Grenville Stud, Whitemore, Tas
368 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
369 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
W Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
371 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
372 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
373 Rushton Park, Tatura
374 Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas
375 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
376 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
377 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
378 Yulong Park, Bayles
W Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
380 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
381 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
382 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
383 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
384 Sun Stud, Kerrie
385 Sun Stud, Kerrie
386 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
387 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
388 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
389 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
390 Grenville Stud, Whitemore, Tas
391 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
392 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
393 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
394 Hillside Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
395 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
396 Rangal Park Stud, Euroa
397 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
398 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
399 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
400 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
401 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
402 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
403 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
404 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
405 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
406 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
407 Rushton Park, Tatura
408 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
409 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
410 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
411 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
412 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
413 Devon Park Stud, Lilydale
414 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
415 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
416 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
417 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
418 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
419 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
420 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
421 Glenelg Park, Euroa
422 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
423 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
W Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
425 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
426 Kristenvale Stables, Shepparton
427 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
428 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
429 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
430 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
431 Riversdale, Scone, NSW
432 Rushton Park, Tatura
433 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
434 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
435 Springmount, Romsey
436 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
437 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
438 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
439 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
440 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
441 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
442 Rushton Park, Tatura
W Two Bays Farm, Flinders
444 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
445 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
446 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
447 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
448 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
449 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
450 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
451 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
452 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
453 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
454 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
455 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
456 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
457 Glastonbury Farms, Scone, NSW
458 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
459 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
460 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
461 Rushton Park, Tatura
462 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
463 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
W Bombora Downs, Bittern
465 Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ
466 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
467 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
468 Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ
469 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
470 Rushton Park, Tatura
471 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
472 Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ
473 Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ
474 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
475 Cornerstone Stud, Angaston, SA
476 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
477 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
478 Riversdale, Scone, NSW
479 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
480 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
481 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
482 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
483 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
484 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester
485 Sun Stud, Kerrie
W Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
W Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
488 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
489 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
490 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
491 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
492 Glenelg Park, Euroa
493 Rushton Park, Tatura
494 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
495 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
496 Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ
497 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
498 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
499 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
W Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
501 Springmount, Romsey
502 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
503 Riversdale, Scone, NSW
504 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
505 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
506 Springmount, Romsey
507 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
508 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
509 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
510 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
511 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
512 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
513 Glenelg Park, Euroa
514 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
515 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
516 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
517 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
W Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
519 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
520 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
521 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
522 Sunhill Bloodstock, Springfield
523 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
524 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
525 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa
526 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
527 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
528 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
529 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
530 Springmount, Romsey
531 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
532 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
533 Hilldene Farm, Hilldene
534 Merrivale Farm, Gooram
535 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
536 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
537 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders
538 Merrivale Farm, Gooram
539 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
540 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
541 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
542 Supreme Thoroughbreds, Romsey
543 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
544 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
545 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
546 Bombora Downs, Bittern
547 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
548 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
549 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
550 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
551 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA
552 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW
553 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
554 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie
555 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
556 Harvey Park, Werribee
557 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW
W Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld
559 Vinery Stud, Scone, NSW
560 Glentree Thoroughbreds, Modewarre
561 Two Bays Farm, Flinders
562 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
563 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
W Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ
565 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
566 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
567 Morning Rise Stud, Red Hill
568 Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW
569 Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW
570 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
571 Merton Creek Thoroughbreds, Merton
572 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
573 Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas
W Rushton Park, Tatura
575 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
576 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
577 Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel
578 Devon Park Stud, Lilydale
579 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
580 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
581 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
582 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
583 Grenville Stud, Whitemore, Tas
584 Glenelg Park, Euroa
585 Shadow Hill Thoroughbreds, Avenel
586 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
587 Stockwell Thoroughbreds, Diggers Rest
588 Merton Creek Thoroughbreds, Merton
589 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
590 Kristenvale Stables, Shepparton
591 Merrivale Farm, Gooram
592 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
593 Bombora Downs, Bittern
594 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
595 Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel
596 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
597 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
598 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
599 Sunhill Bloodstock, Springfield
600 Sunhill Bloodstock, Springfield
601 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
602 Esker Lodge Australia, Beremboke
603 Bombora Downs, Bittern
604 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
605 Glenelg Park, Euroa
606 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
607 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
608 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
609 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
610 Gilgai Farm, Nagambie
611 Merrivale Farm, Gooram
612 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
613 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
614 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
615 Tarcoola Stud, Tuerong
616 Rushton Park, Tatura
617 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
618 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
619 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
620 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
621 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
622 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
623 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
624 Bombora Downs, Bittern
625 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
626 Bombora Downs, Bittern
627 Ampulla Lodge, Bunyip
628 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
629 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
630 Morning Rise Stud, Red Hill
631 Yulong Park, Bayles
632 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
633 L. McBain, Cardinia
634 Vincent & Field Bloodstock, Mount Fairy, NSW
635 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
636 Rushton Park, Tatura
637 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
638 Bombora Downs, Bittern
639 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
640 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
641 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
642 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
643 L. Treloar, Hahndorf, SA
644 Sunhill Bloodstock, Springfield
645 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
646 Devon Park Stud, Lilydale
647 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
648 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
649 Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel
650 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
651 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
652 Sun Stud, Kerrie
653 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
654 Yulong Park, Bayles
655 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
W Rangal Park Stud, Euroa
657 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
658 Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ
659 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
660 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
661 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
662 Goulburn Park, Nagambie
663 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
664 Shadow Hill Thoroughbreds, Avenel
665 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
666 Yarramalong Park, Kalbar, Qld
667 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
668 Merton Creek Thoroughbreds, Merton
669 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
670 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
671 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
672 Merrivale Farm, Gooram
673 Vincent & Field Bloodstock, Mount Fairy, NSW
674 Franklin Farm, Euroa
675 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
676 Briddon Park Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale, NSW
677 Golden Grove Stud, Denman, NSW
678 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
679 Morning Rise Stud, Red Hill
680 Stonehouse Thoroughbreds, Eddington
681 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
682 Sun Stud, Kerrie
683 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
684 Rushton Park, Tatura
W Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
686 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
687 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
688 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
689 Bombora Downs, Bittern
690 Sunhill Bloodstock, Springfield
691 Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel
692 L. Treloar, Hahndorf, SA
693 Rushton Park, Tatura
694 Vincent & Field Bloodstock, Mount Fairy, NSW
695 Rushton Park, Tatura
696 Goulburn Park, Nagambie
697 Stockwell Thoroughbreds, Diggers Rest
698 Yulong Park, Bayles
W Bucklee Farm, Greta West
700 Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel
701 Goulburn Park, Nagambie
702 Sun Stud, Kerrie
703 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
W Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley
705 Lauriston Thoroughbred Farm, Corinella
706 Goulburn Park, Nagambie
707 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
708 Merton Creek Thoroughbreds, Merton
709 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
710 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
711 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
712 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
713 Bombora Downs, Bittern
W Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
715 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
716 Harvey Park, Werribee
717 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
718 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
719 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
720 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
721 Armidale Stud, Carrick, Tas
722 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
723 Rangal Park Stud, Euroa
724 Bombora Downs, Bittern
725 Sun Stud, Kerrie
726 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
727 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
728 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
W Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
730 Yarramalong Park, Kalbar, Qld
731 Yarramalong Park, Kalbar, Qld
732 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
733 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa
734 Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ
735 Bombora Downs, Bittern
736 Daisy Hill Breeding & Investments, Doreen
737 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore
738 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie
739 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
740 Yarramalong Park, Kalbar, Qld
741 Noorilim Park, Arcadia
742 Yarran Thoroughbreds, Seymour
743 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
744 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
745 Bombora Downs, Bittern
746 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
747 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
W Vincent & Field Bloodstock, Mount Fairy, NSW
749 Bombora Downs, Bittern
750 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton
751 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie
752 Kedarona Stud, Catani
753 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
754 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
755 Kristenvale Stables, Shepparton
756 Yulong Park, Bayles
757 Chatswood Stud, Seymour
758 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
759 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington
760 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders
761 Briddon Park Thoroughbreds, Moss Vale, NSW
762 Stockwell Thoroughbreds, Diggers Rest
763 Bowness Stud, Young, NSW
764 Bucklee Farm, Greta West
765 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
766 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg
767 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden
768 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre
769 Hollylodge Thoroughbreds, Avenel
W Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa


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38 Withdrawn Lots - last withdrawal at 11:16 am, 20th Feb 2018.

Lot On Account Of Time Withdrawn
17 Flinders Park Stud, Flinders Feb 6th, 12:00pm
60 Basinghall Farm, Nagambie Feb 6th, 9:28am
107 Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ Feb 6th, 9:11am
116 Merrivale Farm, Gooram Jan 8th, 4:37pm
122 Prima Park, Ohaupo, NZ Feb 20th, 9:29am
159 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ Feb 19th, 9:37am
178 Moorookyle Park, Smeaton Feb 6th, 9:29am
188 Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ Feb 6th, 9:12am
220 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre Feb 20th, 9:34am
223 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld Feb 15th, 2:37pm
254 Millford Thoroughbreds, Nagambie Feb 6th, 9:28am
281 Yarraman Park Stud, Scone, NSW Feb 1st, 5:02pm
284 Rosemont Stud, Gnarwarre Dec 21st, 10:28am
292 Mill Park Stud, Meningie, SA Feb 15th, 2:36pm
332 Henley Park, Cambridge, NZ Feb 6th, 9:12am
333 Burnewang North Pastoral, Rochester Feb 15th, 2:35pm
356 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley Feb 2nd, 3:25pm
360 Chatswood Stud, Seymour Jan 30th, 2:43pm
370 Musk Creek Farm, Flinders Feb 8th, 1:12pm
379 Three Bridges Thoroughbreds, Eddington Jan 23rd, 11:34am
424 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld Jan 19th, 4:46pm
443 Two Bays Farm, Flinders Feb 19th, 9:36am
464 Bombora Downs, Bittern Feb 20th, 9:35am
486 Willaroon Thoroughbreds, Lurg Jan 10th, 12:04pm
487 Sledmere Stud, Scone, NSW Feb 19th, 9:35am
500 Blue Gum Farm, Euroa Feb 19th, 9:37am
518 Woodside Park Stud, Tylden Jan 30th, 3:31pm
558 Aquis Farm, Wonglepong, Qld Feb 15th, 2:37pm
564 Blandford Lodge, Matamata, NZ Feb 19th, 9:36am
574 Rushton Park, Tatura Feb 20th, 10:47am
656 Rangal Park Stud, Euroa Feb 19th, 9:35am
685 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore Dec 20th, 11:10am
699 Bucklee Farm, Greta West Jan 15th, 4:21pm
704 Erinvale Thoroughbreds, Buckley Jan 4th, 10:09am
714 Maluka Thoroughbreds, Kilmore Feb 20th, 9:32am
729 Swettenham Stud, Nagambie Feb 20th, 11:16am
748 Vincent & Field Bloodstock, Mount Fairy, NSW Feb 15th, 2:38pm
770 Phoenix Broodmare Farm, Euroa Feb 8th, 4:58pm

Pedigree Updates since Catalogue Print

Lot 2 - So You Think (NZ)/Paramount - B. - Colt
      1st Dam
Callisto Moon (2013.g. by New Approach-Paramount, by Monashee Mountain-Millennial).
      2018-02-21 1st Kyneton and Hanging Rock RC 150th Year Anniversary H.
      2018-01-02 1st Wangarattacarnival.com.au H.
      2018-01-16 2nd Ballarat TC Happy Birthday Ivana Vincent H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 3 - Medaglia d'Oro (USA)/Pardon (USA) - B. or Br. - Filly
      3rd Dam
BIGGER PICTURE (2011.c. by Badge of Silver-Glory Dancer, by Honour and Glory-Dancing All Night).
      2018-01-28 1st Sam Houston Park John B Connally Turf Cup Gr.3

GUNG HO (2009.c. by Kitten's Joy-Glory Dancer, by Honour and Glory-Dancing All Night).
      2018-02-16 1st Turfway Park Claiming

Hey Jude (2014.f. by Lookin at Lucky-Bliteymania, by Pure Prize-Loping Along).
      2017-12-29 4th Club Hipico Clasico Las Oaks Gr.1

INSTILLED REGARD (2015.c. by Arch-Enhancing, by Forestry-Heavenly Prize).
      2018-01-13 1st Fair Grounds Lecomte S. Gr.3
      2017-12-09 2nd Los Alamitos Futurity Gr.1
      2018-02-17 4th Fair Grounds Risen Star S. Gr.2

LUCKY WINNER (2014.c. by Lookin at Lucky-We Can Leave, by Seeker's Reward-Weekend Leave).
      2017-12-16 1st Hipodromo Chile Clasico Francisco Astaburuaga Ariztia L

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 4 - Written Tycoon/Paris Return (USA) - Gr. - Colt
      1st Dam
Zaveena (2011.f. by Nadeem-Paris Return, by Cozzene-Marseille Express).
      2017-12-30 3rd Orange JC On-Trac Ag H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 5 - Nicconi/Parisian Romance - Gr. - Colt
      2nd Dam
Fille de Charlie (2014.f. by Myboycharlie-Parisian Sunrise, by Royal Academy-Blue Image).
      2017-12-15 1st MVRC (Moonee Valley) Nelson Alexander Maiden P.
      2018-02-11 1st Colac TC Gallaghers Insurance H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 6 - Wandjina/Pass the Parcel - B. - Colt
      1st Dam
Wrapsody (2014.f. by Hinchinbrook-Pass the Parcel, by More Than Ready-Morinda).
      2017-12-01 3rd MVRC (Moonee Valley) Production Resource Group H.
      3rd Dam
KEMENTARI (2014.c. by Lonhro-Yavanna, by Redoute's Choice-Wild Queen).
      2018-02-10 1st ATC (Warwick Farm) Eskimo Prince S. Gr.3

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 7 - Smart Missile/Passilente - B. - Colt
      3rd Dam
Tennessee Fling (2012.f. by Flying Spur-Tennessee Magic, by Bletchingly-Tennessee Vain).
      2018-02-20 1st Lockyer RC Marquee Packages Book P.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 11 - Brazen Beau/Personal Ensign - B. or Br. - Colt
      1st Dam
Chief in Command (2011.g. by Churchill Downs-Personal Ensign, by Rubiton-Blue Gum Girl).
      2017-12-15 3rd ATC (Canterbury) Turf Club H.

Calais View (2013.f. by Canford Cliffs-Personal Ensign, by Rubiton-Blue Gum Girl).
      2018-02-13 3rd Ballarat TC Mortimer Petroleum Maiden P.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 12 - All Too Hard/Piacenza - B. or Br. - Filly
      2nd Dam
Black Champagne (2015.f. by Denman-Pachanga, by Redoute's Choice-Foxtrot).
      2018-02-07 1st Murray Bridge RC Sambec Sheds Maiden 2YO P.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 15 - Zoustar/Prettyhappyaboutit - B. - Filly
      3rd Dam
Flashaway (2012.c. by Eskendereya-Call Me Fleet, by Afleet-Ocean's Answer).
      2018-02-17 3rd Fair Grounds Colonel Power S. L

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 19 - Written Tycoon/Puppetry - Ch. - Colt
      1st Dam
Coveian (2014.g. by Falvelon-Puppetry, by Keep the Faith-Puppet Show).
      2017-12-11 3rd Bairnsdale RC Temp Fence Hire Maiden P.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 21 - Atlante/Queen of Pop (NZ) - B. - Colt
      3rd Dam
VOLKSTOK'N'BARRELL (2011.g. by Tavistock-Volkster, by Volksraad-Row of Mapperley).
      2017-12-26 3rd ARC Zabeel Classic Gr.1

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 22 - Deep Field/Queen of Quilts - B. - Colt
      2nd Dam
Couvre Lit (2015.f. by Bernardini-Counterpane, by Lonhro-Quilt).
      2018-02-14 1st ATC (Warwick Farm) Tab.com.au Maiden 2YO P.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 24 - Dawn Approach (IRE)/Raja Lane - B. - Colt
      1st Dam
Solo Lane - Belt and Road (Sing.) (2013.g. by Wanted-Raja Lane, by Devaraja-English Lane).
      2018-02-04 2nd Singapore TC Open Maiden S.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 25 - Wandjina/Rapidement - Gr. - Filly
      1st Dam
Odelia (2013.f. by Exceed and Excel-Rapidement, by Iglesia-Tres Rapide).
      2017-12-29 1st Kilcoy RC Somerset Regional Council Maiden H.
      2017-12-13 2nd GCTC (GCTC) Magic Millions Maiden H.
      2018-01-21 2nd SCTC (Sunshine Coast) Mask Events H.

Platinum Angel (2014.f. by Snitzel-Rapidement, by Iglesia-Tres Rapide).
      2017-10-10 1st MRC (Mornington) Mornington Auto Group Maiden P.
      2018-02-07 2nd MRC (Sandown) Spicer Thoroughbreds H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 27 - Starspangledbanner/Recently - B. - Colt
      1st Dam
Big Call (2013.f. by Stratum-Recently, by Red Ransom-Reshoot).
      2018-01-09 3rd Wine Country RC East Cessnock Bowling Club H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 29 - Zoustar/Red Rapture - B. - Filly
      1st Dam
Soho Ruby (2013.f. by Northern Meteor-Red Rapture, by Red Ransom-New Acquaintance).
      2018-01-01 1st VRC (Flemington) Nouvelle Star H.
      2nd Dam
Salmanazar (2012.g. by Encosta de Lago-Maslins Beach, by Flying Spur-New Acquaintance).
      2018-01-10 1st BRC (Doomben) Sky Thoroughbred Central H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 30 - Kuroshio/Refuge (IRE) - B. - Colt
      2nd Dam
Finn Class (2011.g. by Exceed and Excel-Finnmark, by Halling-Narwala).
      2018-02-12 1st Pornichet Prix Groupe Exodon

Salsabeel (2014.c. by Exceed and Excel-Tokyo Rose, by Jade Robbery-Sawara).
      2018-01-18 1st Meydan Global Foundries Semi-Conductor Trophy H.
      3rd Dam
TEMERITY (2013.f. by Intense Focus-Narmina, by Alhaarth-Noufiyla).
      2017-12-03 1st Mumbai AC Ardeshir Trophy L
      2017-12-24 1st Mumbai Maharaja Jiwajirao Scindia Trophy L
      2018-02-10 2nd Mumbai Eclipse Stakes of India L

DINOZZO (2013.g. by Lilbourne Lad-Nisriyna, by Intikhab-Narmina).
      2018-02-04 1st HKJC Centenary Vase Gr.3
      2018-01-31 1st HKJC Siu Sai Wan H.
      2018-01-10 3rd HKJC January Cup Gr.3

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 31 - Magnus/Rego's Girl - B. - Colt
      1st Dam
Bonsea (2012.g. by Bon Hoffa-See the Ocean, by Canny Lad-Rego's Girl).
      2018-01-26 1st Kilcoy RC BP Driveway H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 33 - Shooting to Win/Remotely - Ch. - Filly
      1st Dam
Mr de Niro (2013.g. by Poet's Voice-Remotely, by Manton-Lee's Bid).
      2017-12-16 1st Gosford RC CCTS IT and Telecommunications H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 35 - Reset/Rhodamine - B. - Colt
      3rd Dam
Union Rose (2012.g. by Stimulation-Dot Hill, by Refuse to Bend-Purple Tiger).
      2017-12-05 1st Wolverhampton Betway Dash H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 37 - Lonhro/Riptide - B. or Br. - Colt
      1st Dam
River Goddess (2013.f. by Northern Meteor-Riptide, by Exceed and Excel-River Express).
      2017-12-05 1st Wangaratta TC Cabinets by Webb H.
      2nd Dam
Override (2009.g. by Commands-River Express, by Blazing Sword-Ride the Rapids).
      2018-01-08 1st Naracoorte Recycables H.
      2018-01-20 1st Alice Springs TC Ladbrokes H.
      3rd Dam
Cao Cao (2014.g. by Fastnet Rock-Serenada, by Encosta de Lago-River Serenade).
      2018-01-27 1st MRC (Caulfield) Ladbrokes Info Hub H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 38 - Starcraft (NZ)/River Express - B. - Colt
      1st Dam
Override (2009.g. by Commands-River Express, by Blazing Sword-Ride the Rapids).
      2018-01-20 1st Alice Springs TC Ladbrokes H.
      2018-01-08 1st Naracoorte Recycables H.

River Goddess (2013.f. by Northern Meteor-Riptide, by Exceed and Excel-River Express).
      2017-12-05 1st Wangaratta TC Cabinets by Webb H.

Wisdom Patch (2015.c. by Snitzel-Willow Creek, by Tale of the Cat-River Tribe).
      2018-01-12 1st Matamata RC Baker Racing 2YO Maiden S.
      2018-02-03 4th Taranaki 2YO Classic Gr.3
      2nd Dam
Twilight Song (2014.f. by Fastnet Rock-River Serenade, by Hurricane Sky-Ride the Rapids).
      2018-01-17 1st MRC (Caulfield) Ladbrokes Cash in Maiden P.
      2018-02-07 1st MRC (Sandown) Spicer Thoroughbreds H.

Cao Cao (2014.g. by Fastnet Rock-Serenada, by Encosta de Lago-River Serenade).
      2018-01-27 1st MRC (Caulfield) Ladbrokes Info Hub H.

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 39 - Zacinto (GB)/Rock on Rye - B. - Colt
      1st Dam
Rock on Wood (2014.g. by Redwood-Rock on Rye, by Catcher in the Rye-Beldale Blues).
      2017-12-09 3rd WRC Love Affair With Ted 3YO S.
      2018-01-13 4th WRC Levin Classic Gr.1
      2018-02-06 4th Waikato Guineas Gr.2

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 40 - Dissident/Rock Robster - Br. - Filly
      3rd Dam
SIR FRENCHIE (2014.c. by Choisir-Volando, by Viscount-Tactfully).
      2018-01-13 1st Kenilworth Sophomore Sprint H. L

Updated 22-Feb-2018

Lot 41 - Pierro/Rock Success - B. - Colt
      2nd Dam
Madluce Missile (2013.g. by Smart Missile-Elysian Hera, by Stravinsky-Lady Dehere).
      2018-01-06 1st Ipswich TC (Ipswich) Qld Times H.

Updated 22