X-Ray Repository

Sale Accession Number Sale Date Lodgement By
Sydney Classic Yearling Sale 18CLY 10 - 13 February 5 February
Melbourne Premier Yearling Sale 18MPY 4 - 7 March 26 February
The Chairman's Sale (Racing Prospects) 18CHR 5 April 29 March
Australian Easter Yearling Sale 18EAY 9 - 11 April 2 April
The Chairman's Sale (Breeding Prospects) 18CHB 12 April 5 April
Inglis VOBIS Gold Yearling Sale 18MAY 22 April 15 April
Australian Easter Broodmare & Weanling Sale 18ASW 15 - 17 April 9 April
H.T.B.A Scone Yearling Sale 18SCY 13 - 14 May 7 May
Melbourne Great Southern Sale 18MJB 17 - 20 June 11 June
Melbourne Ready 2 Race Sale 18R2R 12 October 5 October

X-Ray Submission

  • Submit online through Asteris Keystone Community here - You will need to register through the Keystone Community Loader (if you have forgotten your password please contact support@asteris.com) or
  • If you already use Asteris Keystone you can submit the study by searching for the study and clicking consultation followed by Repository submission of Inglis Bloodstock or
  • Post your X-Rays to Inglis - A $50 loading fee per set will be charged.

Viewing X-Rays

The repository is only available to qualified veterinarians who will need to register to view X-Rays submitted to Inglis. Viewing the submitted X-Rays can be done online here or by visiting the onsite repository.

Further Information

Inglis' repository provider is Asteris

System Requirements

Remote viewing of images

  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11 on Windows is strongly recommended for viewing X-Rays remotely. Always select the "DICOM Images" for diagnostic quality images.

How is my software updated?

  • Local installations of Keystone software automatically update themselves when we release updates. This ensures that you always have the latest versions with all of the enhancements and fixes.

When I click on the link, I receive a message stating that I need Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 - do I?

  • Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 is a widely-used software development platform that is required to perform many of the medical image-oriented features we offer. Please contact our technical support staff if you believe you are being issued this warning in error.
  • Windows XP users- You can check to see if you have the framework installed by going to your control panel and opening the Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down the list and look for "Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1". If it is not displayed, go to Microsoft's Windows Update site, and install it from the Optional Components section. You will need to re-boot your computer after the install to operate our software.
  • If you have Windows Vista or 7, Microsoft .NET 3.5 is installed as part of the operating system.
  • If you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed, you may be using an internet browser that does not support the entire framework, such as Google Chrome, some versions of Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. With these browsers, you currently can only view JPEG images or download .ZIP files containing the DICOM files.

Terms & Conditions for Repository Use

Radiographic Views Required for an X-Ray Series

Appendix A - standard 36 views required for each x-ray series
Appendix B - Hong Kong Jockey Club Required X-Ray Series - Including additional 12 views required to comply with Hong Kong Horses In Training Protocol.

Information For Hong Kong X-Ray Requirements


  • Appendix A

    AREA No. of Films VIEW
    FRONT FEET: (2) Lateral to medial
    CARPUS: (6) Medial oblique (D20 ° -30 ° MPLO), Lateral oblique (D30 ° -40 ° LPMO), Flexed lateral to medial
    FRONT FETLOCK: (8) DP (AP) elevated D20 ° P, Medial oblique (D30 ° MPLO) (sl elevated ~ 5 ° -10 °), Lateral oblique (D30 ° LPMO) (sl elevated ~ 5 ° -10 °), Flexed lateral to medial
    HIND FETLOCK: (8) DP (AP) elevated D30 ° P, Medial oblique (D30 ° MP l LO) (sl elevated ~ 15 °), Lateral oblique (D30 ° LP l MO) (sl elevated ~ 15 °), Standing - lateral to medial, Fetlock views should include pastern joint
    HOCKS: (6) Medial oblique (D65 ° MP l LO or P l 25 ° LDMO), Slightly lateral AP (D20 ° LP l MO), Lateral to medial
    STIFLES: (4) Lateral to medial - standing, Caudocranial (PA) preferable, or caudolateral oblique (Ca20 ° LCrMO); **
    STIFLES: (2) Caudal 30 ° lateral/craniomedical oblique view of the stifle

    Appendix B

    AREA No. of Films VIEW
    FRONT FEET: (3) LM, D600Pr-PaDiO of P3 and Navicular bone separately
    HOCKS: (4) LM, DP, D650M-PlLO, D100L-PlMO
    CARPUS: (5) DP, Flexed LM, D550L-PaMO, D750M-PaLO, D600Pr-DDiO (NB: Skyline distal row)
    STIFLE: (2) LM, Cd-Cr
    FRONT FETLOCKS: (12) Standing LM, Flexed LM, DP, D450L-PaMO, D450M-PaLO, Flexed D1250Di-PaPrO NB: (Flexed DP)
    HIND FETLOCKS: (4) Standing LM, DP, D450L-PlMO, D450M-PlLO

    Overview of Digital Radiograph System

    Inglis enables veterinarians to view digital radiographs through a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) conformant, Internet-based viewing system designed by CDN Technology Ltd.

    DICOM Conformance Statement

    This table explains the mandatory required when submitting any set of x-rays.

    Mandatory Fields
    Microchip No. of horse
    PATIENT NAME Horse's Dam Name & year horse's year of birth
    Helsinge 13
    sale code and lot number of the horse (no spaces)

    If you have any questions regarding the Inglis Repository or the submission of Radiographs please contact Bryce Bevan on 02 9399 7999 or bryce@inglis.com.au.

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