Inglis Sales iPad app


Requires iOS 9.0 or later
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Inglis Sales app gives you access to Inglis sale catalogues on your iPad. With this app you can easily view and search for pedigrees, create/edit short lists and assign ratings to each lot. The app also provides up-to-date sale results and a 'make an offer' service, which makes this the perfect tool for an informed buyer.

Key features:

  • View current and upcoming sale catalogues
  • Assign gradings to lots
  • Share short lists and gradings with other app users. Information is synced in near real time.
  • Create and edit short lists
  • Comprehensive note taking features
  • Share notes and ratings via e-mail
  • Enhanced search functionality
  • Sale results
  • Make an offer service
  • Withdrawals

Video Tutorials

Sharing Explained

How to use the Inspection button and how to create Smart Short lists

Version history

New features in v2 - you will need to update the app to have access to these features:

  • Share a short list with another iPad user
  • New layout for shared short lists for a computer
  • updated interface

New features in v1.2.4 - you will need to update the app to have access to these features:

  • Inspected Button - Allows you to easily mark horses off as you inspect them. This makes it clear in the index screens which horses you have inspected. You can also search on inspected/uninspected horses.
  • Search based on gradings - You asked for it and we implemented it. You can now search based on a grading you have given a lot. Search for all horses you have given a 8 and above. If you have setup custom gradings you can also search on them.
  • Smart short lists - using the search screen you can create a smart short list that is populated based on criteria you specify. Make a smart short list for all lots that are related to a winner and have Danehill in the sire line. You can also use gradings to create a smart short lists. For example you can create a smart short list based on all lots you have rated an 8 and above. As you go through the catalogue and rate horses the smart short list you setup automatically adds lots you rate an 8, 9 or 10.

New features in v1.2.2 - you will need to update the app to have access to these features:

  • View the vendor uploaded photos of the lot
  • View video of the lot if available
  • Find out if the lot has X-Rays in the Repository
  • Jump to a specific lot button in the catalogue screen
  • Browse the search results in the catalogue screen
  • Stallion links for Stallions on

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