Online Entries

Inglis has relaunched the Online Sale Entry for all Inglis Sales.

To enter a horse online into any one of the Inglis Sales you will need to do the following:

  1. New users will need to Register for a new account
  2. Login to the Inglis Website on the right
  3. Launch Online Sale Entry

How to use the Online Sale Entry

In the below example to enter a horse into the Great Southern sale you would click on the Great Southern Sale

You are then required to enter the Catalogue Vendor Details.
This is the information which appears in the Catalogue. step2.gif

You are then required to search for and enter your horses into the sale. If the horse is unnamed you would search for it under its Dam's name. step3.gif

To add more than one horse to the entry click on Add a Horse as highlighted below step4.gif

Once you have finished adding horses click on the Finished adding horses button.

You will then be required to accept the Term and Conditions.

For certain sales you will be required to make payment upfront. In the case of Select sales the entry fee will be subtracted from the proceeds of the horse.

Once you have reviewed your entry you can submit it to Inglis.

At any stage you can leave the entry process and come back at a later date to complete the entry.

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