Types Of Ownership

There are five basic types of ownership, it is important you find the one that suits you and your pocket.

Sole owner - owning outright You will be the owner of the horse and any costs and profits will be yours alone! You will have a close involvement with any of the decisions regarding the horse and a great sense of personal pride in its achievements.

Sharing with friends

Why not race a horse with a group of friends. Groups of up to 20 persons can join together in racing a horse, spreading the costs of buying and training your thoroughbred and sharing any prizemoney.

Public Syndication Companies

This typically comprises 10 to 20 members although some ownership clubs can have hundreds of members. View horses for syndication on Bloodstock.com.au Syndications.

Private Syndication

10 people or less in a group of friends but the difference to sharing with friends is that it is managed by one member.


This is an option if you don't wish to take on the full expense of ownership straight away. You can lease a horse from an existing owner or breeder, during which time the horse will run in your name. Under such an agreement you meet the training fees and associated costs and receive prize money won by the horse in return for a rental to the owner (commonly 1/3 of prize money).

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