Easter Yearling Sale Update

24th Mar 2020

The Inglis Easter Yearling Sale is now scheduled to run on Sunday April 5th and Monday April 6th.

The sale will commence at 10am on both days.

Attendance at the sale will be restricted and those looking to attend must apply to register by CLICKING HERE

This link is to an application form and completion of the application does not guarantee registration.

Only approved persons and their necessary associates will be registered to attend.

There will be no access by members of the general public and people are discouraged from looking to attend the sale complex without the necessary registration confirmation.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to consider our on-line bidding facilities which have been in place for many years.

If you are not a registered on-line bidder, you can register by following THIS LINK HERE

Our agents will also be available to act on behalf of clients over the phone or subject to pre-advised instructions.

An appointment of agent form will need to be completed in advance of the sale for any Inglis agent to act on behalf of a purchaser.

Please click HERE for an appointment of agent form.

The standard credit arrangements will need to be fulfilled in line with traditional Inglis auction protocol.

Anyone looking to participate in the auction is encouraged to contact Andrew Munce ( in advance of the sale.

Inglis is aware of the challenges posed by the outbreak of COVID-19 and has engaged a biosecurity consultant to assist in management of the sale while Inglis representatives are in regular contact with a senior official in the NSW Department of Health.

Inglis will continue to make itself aware of developments in what is an evolving situation and will update our stakeholders in a timely manner as necessary.

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