Online Bidding

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Existing Bidders - If you have registered previously but have forgotten your Bidder ID or password you can have it sent to you here

New Bidders - If you are new to online bidding you can sign up here

How to Bid Online

Step 1 - Register

If you are new to online bidding you will need to register here

Step 2 - Request Bidding Approval

For every sale you will need to request bidding approval in order to participate in the auction. You can do this by logging in and then clicking the link adjacent to the sale you wish to bid at and complete the form to request approval.

Step 3 - Bid

Please Note: It is good practise when bidding online to bid early to avoid disappointment

On sale day you will need to log in and then click on the Bid Now link.


Can I use an iPhone to bid online?
There is no live video or audio when using an iPhone. We strongly recommend you use a computer to bid online.

Can I use an iPad to bid online?
Yes, although depending on your connection the video might be delayed longer than the 1-3 seconds you experience on a computer. We strongly recommend you use a computer to bid online.

How does the registration and requesting bidding approval process work
You only need to register once for online bidding at all Inglis sales. Once successfully registered you will receive an email with a password and a bidder ID. However please note that for each sale you are required to request bidding approval. This request is processed by our finance department.

How long prior to a sale should I request bidding approval
You should request bidding approval two business days prior to a sale. Requests on sale day are not guaranteed to be processed prior to the sale starting.

Do I need to register to watch the sale
No, on sale day just visit the Inglis homepage and click on Sale Day Live.

What happens if I am the successful bidder
You will be contacted about 30 minutes after your purchase by an Inglis representative in order to pay and to arrange transport for your horse. Transport arrangements need to be made by you and advised to the Inglis representative.

How do I bid
You bid by clicking on the Bid button that displays the asking price on the right of the screen. It is highlighted in red below.

How do I alter the asking price
If you wish to bid at a price different to the current asking price you will need to send a message to the bidding clerk using the message box. It is up to the auction clerk to alter the asking bid price and then it is up to the bidder to click on the Bid button to place the bid at the new asking price.

Below is a screenshot of the Bidding Screen

In this example by clicking on Bid $650,000 you will alert the auctioneer of your bid.

You will know you have the bid because the bid button changes to You have the leading bid and does not allow you to bid again.

Please Note: It is good practise when bidding online to bid early to avoid disappointment cd43c.onlinebidding-2020.JPG

Bidding via phone

Inglis will have bloodstock staff available to inspect horses and bid on your behalf.

What to do:

  1. Download and complete an Appointment of Agent form from the Sales homepage

  2. Submit the form to Inglis

  3. Contact one of Inglis' Bloodstock staff prior to sale day to discuss the horses you are interested in

View all the Bloodstock staff here